Picket Fence Vid: Feddy-froth.

Withdrawal symptoms, Federer fans? Dootsie to the rescue! You know it’s a dry-season when I start doing a whole post on Roger’s Jura ad. But honestly, what could be better than a creamy, frothy and aromatic cup of cappuccino to go with Mr Federlicious?

For our benefit, Jura even included some shots of finger porn, caterpillar eyebrows and Sir Rogie Thinkalot!


I like Sir Thinkalot, he’s loads better than Sir Shankalot, don’t cha think? He should buy me a latte the next time he’s in town and we can think a lot together.

My annoying friend sliceofwatermelon will probably tag along because she wants to have his babies. But we’ll get rid of her. Yes we will. 😛


xx doots


12 responses to “Picket Fence Vid: Feddy-froth.”

  1. Mirka says :

    HANDS OFF!!! He’s my coffee partner and the only babies he will be having are mine!

  2. Amandita_FP says :

    “Withdrawal symptoms, Federer fans?” yeeeeeeeeees! =o)

    so thank you very much for this post.. =)
    I do wish he would update his Facebook page.. I miss Roger!! =)

  3. sita says :

    Thanks Doots, just what the doctor ordered.

    Where have you been hiding Professor Federer ?
    It’s going to be a long long wait until Rome….

  4. BS says :

    This has to be one of the funniest things I have seen in ages. But of course I watched the full thing because my withdrawal symptoms are really bad! Rome can’t come quick enough…

  5. Alex says :

    Some of these machines are retailing at over $2500. Truly toys for rich people.

  6. girl from michigan says :

    This is like a FederP0rn Friday. But on a Wednesday. and with tastey drinks. I’ve always liked the way the Jura people fixed him up for their ads.

    My contribution:



  7. Lily says :

    Love the video, totally porn, thanks Jura !

    Oh, and this link is fun too :


  8. jfk says :

    Ohh..fingerporn. Yum. I miss this Swiss Douche bag.

  9. srdjana says :

    I’m still not buying the idea of RF as a coffee drinker (okay, perhaps I can see that morning cappuccino) but hey, who else is a Swiss luxury brand going to want as its “ambassador”? Especially when most Europeans trust only Italians and Austrians with their coffee needs. This video porn was likely just a mercy screw. Good luck, Jura!

    • jfK says :

      Roger said in an interview he and Mirka like to go to cafes ,drink coffee, and relax. So…why is it so hard to imagine him as a coffee drinker? Sheesh.

    • dootsiez says :

      Whatevs. Unless you don’t drink a lot of coffee yourself, Jura’s a very popular (although expensive) brand.

      As for Fed being a coffee drinker, who the fuck cares? He’s candy for my eyes and that’s what’s important.

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