Toronto/Cincy: First I was afraid! I was petrified!


He doesn’t care about Masters anymore.

He doesn’t know how to handle big hitters.

He’s no longer motivated after winning 16 slams.

The crowd is bored of a guy who has dominated tennis for the last 7 years.

Roger Federer’s brain has turned into baby poop.

With the exception of the last, Roger Federer proved all of the above statements to be false as he roared his way to a 63 57 76(5) win over Berdy.

To my fellow Fedophiles: take this rare chance to relish our smugness, repeat after me (resort to fist pumps and neck movements if necessary) FUCK YEAH FUCK YEAH FUCK YEAH FUCK YEAH.

And to those experts who called it otherwise: UP YOURS UP YOURS UP YOURS UP YOURS.


How do I sum up the match? Fed floated, he fell. He flailed, he fought. And boy, did he fight like the junkyard dog he used to be! Before the lung infection, before Indian Wells and Miami morphed Federer into a scrappy, slightly timid player, unable to claim the chances gifted to him. He dug deep, changed his body language after getting down 1-4 in the final set and found the emotional energy to stay strong in the match.

The first set wasn’t as close as a 63. The second set should’ve ended in a tiebreak. The third set should’ve been lost at 3-6. But it matters not.

What matters is that I saw deliberate wrong-footing tactics, instead of his usual go-with-the-flow approach. I saw an incredible 24 out of 29 points won at the net for a guy who normally looks too lazy to bend down for a volley. I saw improved movement around the court. I saw a set and a half of sublime backhands NOT dunked into the net. I saw some spectacular clutch serving at 5-6 in the third set when he needed the tiebreak. And best of all? I saw a crowd who treated him as one of their own and carried him to victory.

It wasn’t always pretty, but it was the sort of mental wobble he needed to battle past to become competitive mentally again, and regardless of what happens tomorrow or (should he win) on Sunday, Toronto has provided him with enough of an upward momentum for the US Open series.

That’s what matters.

roger forehand

As for Berdych – dude made a stand. He fought any breakpoints Federer had after the first set with positive, aggressive tennis – key to his ability to push this match to a third set tiebreak.

… and that’s as nice as I’ll be to a guy who fist-pumps and death-stares after his opponent’s errors. Mental games? You ain’t no Lleyton Hewitt bitch.

Numbers for you to crunch on.


Meanwhile, Rafa seemed to have contracted Roger’s breakpointivitis for a while during his match against Kohlismylover, eventually toughing it out 36 63 64 despite having numerous opportunities to break earlier in the third set. Kohlschreiber played an electric first set but made the error of letting Rafa into the match too early in the second set. From then on, Rafa started to loosen up and Kohly unknowingly fell into a more passive pattern of play, particularly on his returns.

Rafa will have to perk up for his next opponent, as Toothface had no trouble dismissing an out-of-sorts Nalbandian 62 62. Meanwhile Djoko breathed easily against Jeremy Chardy in the last match of the night session – 62 63.


We have a great weekend of tennis excellence lined up: in Canada, the men’s top 4 are through to the semis for the first time in tournament history, while in Cincinnati, 3 former World No 1s are due for some semifinal action.

maria serving

Maria Sharapova prevailed in a dominant win over Marion Bartoli – 61 64 – despite a slight wobble when trying to close out the match in the second set. Not that I saw any of it – I was too busy eating Neapolitan ice cream with my eyes. She’ll meet Nastya Pavs for the first time tomorrow for a place in the final.

By the way, Nike? This double-helix thing isn’t working for me.


Ivanovic, on the other hand, defeated the 114th ranked Uzbek, Akgul Amanmuradova, in tongue twister 6-1 6-3. Woah, she’s back! Er … if by back you mean beating players outside the top 100, instead of losing to Julie Coin. Grand slam success surely just around the corner now bitches. You watch!


Kim Clijsters had a tougher time than I expected against Flavs, eventually coming through 7-6 (6), 6-4 despite making 39 unforced errors. You’d think she’ll make it past Ivanovic, you’d think, wouldn’t ya? Judging by form this week, I doubt it’ll be a walk in the park.

Enjoy the frazzles folks. We get to keep up the smugness for at least another day.

xx doots



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14 responses to “Toronto/Cincy: First I was afraid! I was petrified!”

  1. TennisAce says :

    Morning Doots. I slept good last night. I slept really good. I posted on someone’s blog when they were trying to dog out Fed about the crowd helping him. I asked them. Did he cheat,did he lie, did he take a point that did not belong to him and did he take a dubious MTO for his back or anything. You want to argue with someone, argue with the crowd. Clearly, the crowd wanted him to win last night.

    And how can Berdych have his number when he has only beaten Fed on 3 occassions and Fed has beaten him 9 times. give me a break.

    I love Junkyward Fed. I love that he took the bit between his teeth and held on. I watched it last night on a live stream and I willed him on every single point. I was saying out loud, take this next point Fed, take this next point. Come on, you can do it, you can do it. My voice carried because the people in Toronto started doing the same thing.

    Yaay for Junkyward Federer.

  2. FortuneCookie says :

    Highlights of the Fed match are on this afternoon,so I’ll have to watch the bits I was too much of a scaredy cat to watch before (i.e. most of the 3rd set)!It’ll be nice to watch knowing that he won,so no frazzles! 🙂
    I looove Maria’s kit,but Nike,don’t be mean to Marion,I know she’s a bit weird and isn’t familiar with usual athletic conditioning,but don’t make her wear a DNA outfit!And Ana Ivanovic,BUY A BRA.Seriously.She’s hardly the only one but I’ve never ever understood how these women can play without a sports bra,literally just don’t get it…And surely if you’re wearing white that will go seethrough you’d think?!Ah well,I’ll conclude this with an ajde double fist pump 😛

  3. Jack says :

    Maria won…..Roger won……can we make this a regular thing, as in always! 😀

    And I want a Kim/Maria final in Cincy…….and Roger in the final of Toronto!

  4. heba1992 says :

    hey doots…i hope you survived woger’s match as i did , as we all did..and the above is really nice..well done..and believe me in every prayer i do..i ask God to make roger win this tourney..i swear 🙂
    take care doots xx

  5. pban says :

    I love this wrongfooting Fed as much as TMF…. more of the same and we are back in business guys. Seeing him move now I just wonder if that lung infection was not a relapse of the mono?? Surely it is not Fed’s fault that the crowd wanted him to win ,how much more ridiculous can these haters get??

  6. Matt Zemek says :

    Just gotta say, Doots, that the presentation of your photos, plus the screen-cappy embedded goodness, is immensely attractive. This is such a readable, eye-able blog you got goin’ here. First-rate Fed fandom fare found fulfilling on a frequent basis! Thanks!

  7. whynotme says :


    Can’t elaborate because I gotta leave Toronto and don’t wanna miss my flight but OMG IT WAS AMAZING AND I SURVIVED IT (sitting next to 2 big Tomas fans, but I outshouted them, and the whole crowd did anyway :p)

  8. PJ says :

    Awesomesauce post, couldn’t have said it any better. Haven’t caught the 2nd/3rd set but I certainly remember the OMG WASTED BPS/BROKEN ALREADY frazzles. Ugh. My latte was sawdust in my mouth. I was so sure I’m going to be crying into my eggs and mope around in the city while my mother and my sister have fun in the sun. I do not know HOW he came back from 2-5 down to win the fucking thing but I am SO SO SO glad he did. I will spork myself if he loses to Berd…again. UGH YUCK PUKE UGH.

    Another thing is…IVANOVIC is still in? SEMI-FINALS? REALLY? WOW.

  9. Freudo says :

    thanks, Doots…went to bed dancing and woke up for another happy hour here and there. like Fed I thought it was slip sliding away. and like you and Fed thinking there’s much good to be taken from this match. He found the fighter, Paul Annocone lived through the good and the bad. I think we are on the way up, again. A fiend, how often that typo slips in, wrote that she’d never before noticed the **** in miSHIT! Roger was full it, and much brilliance, too!

  10. jfK says :

    Damn, that was the best Roger match I’ve seen in a long time. Just woke up and I am still shaking my head in disbelief. Brilliant.
    Go Rog Go Maria!! You guys make me so proud 😀

  11. gamegrrle says :

    HI ALL!

    It’s been awhile…I’ve been dealing with a brokendown car, a concussion, and then oral surgery…but none of that would have been as awful as watching Fed lose to Big Berd again!! (well, maybe the oral surgery…) So thank you Fed for not adding to my misery…although not so happy that you had me frazzling in the third set as visions of missed Miami points that lead to the tiebreak loss went dancing in my head.

    The tiebreak was so unbearable that I was grateful that I was on painkillers because I started yelling at the tv. It was so tense that I sobered up and couldn’t decide what was worse … the pain in my mouth or the pain in my chest as i held my breath for every point. FINALLY, he dug his heels in like the champion he is and wrenched the win from Berdy’s hands!!!!

    I know we’re all HUGE fans of his, but I bled for this man!! All the screaming at the television for aces and backhand winners and the FUCK YEAHS and UP YOURS (way ahead of you Doots! 😉 after he won…I broke open a stitch! I cleaned up the blood, changed out the gauze, popped another well deserved painkiller and went to bed!! 😉

    P.S. Cookie, and for those of you who missed some or all of it, and have access, you can watch the entire match on I woke up this morning and watched the parts of the match that stupid ESPN didn’t show on television.

    Big Hugs to all of us in julbilation and hat tip to you Doots for giving us a shoulder to cry on when our man loses and hands to high five when he wins!!

  12. L. says :

    The Kim – Ana match wasn’t even a walk in the park. 🙂 I’m starting to feel sorry for Ana, and I am not even a fan of her.

  13. TopSpin says :

    Fed awesome….until THAT game. Then he was just dire until midway in the final set. Dunno whether to be in awe of his 1st set form or disappointed at the gross-out way he unravelled or to hand it to him for holding out at the end junkyard style. Giving him the benefit of the doubt for now.

    Bummer about Ana – doubt she would have had much of a chance against Kim, but she was robbed of the chance to try.

    So Kimmie and, I hope, Masha in the final. Masha wins. Or else I move to the Orkney Isles, turn recluse and bake soda bread for my remaining days.

    Oh and Muzz just beat Rafa. Twas USO 2008 all over again, except Rafa wasn’t tired/injured/. Muzz simply THAT GOOD.

    No number 4 for Sod just yet then – I can wait…… *retreats back to the underworld*

    • dootsiez says :

      I think you can take the benefit of the doubt away now. Fed was utterly mental against Djoko. UTTERLY MENTAL. Match shoulda been a total shutout, all credit for Djoko for playing well *once* he got into it.

      *hisses at Federbear*

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