Aus Open Day 9: Who let the Swiss out?

Having been through 8 days of Rod Laver Arena action live, you see two sides to the RLA crowd. The savage, blood-thirsty gang that ruled the midnight dogfight between Wogie v Gilly Simmo, and the orderly, well-moneyed patrons of a straight-sets blow-out, politely clapping along to each point as they sip their sparkling rosé moscato.

Yesterday’s match was neither because it was a match fell on the other side of the divide between competition and entertainment. As the match progressed, that were waves of “oooohs” and “aaaaah”s through the rallies. The crowd forgot about the competition between the two players for points and games, and instead, sat back to admire the quality of either player’s shots, even when the rallies ended with a shank.

In short, they were entertained, and I was feeling gloriously excited from a Southerly direction.

On the surface, the score line was a blow-out, and I’ve heard various reports of *ahem* certain US commentators disappointed that Stan did not make it more competitive. “Did not” is one possible choice of words, “could not” is another, certainly Courier and the commentary team in Australia sounded like they might’ve opted for the latter.

I was worried about Not-So-Man coming into the match. The sheer audacity of his shotmaking against Monfils and Roddick was frightening and top 10 in its quality. But it shouldn’t have surprised me that what worked for Not-So-Man against Monfils and Roddick didn’t work against Federer. During the match against Monfils, Lleyton, who was commentating for Ch 7 at the time, made an astute comment that Gael’s style of play was giving Not-So-Man the pace and rhythm to play himself into form and find his range.

The reverse of that happened yesterday – Mister Banana Smoothie smothered Stan with variations of pace, spin and very little rhythm. To his credit, Stan hung on as desperately as he could in the second and third set, but by 5-3 in the second set, Wogie McDodgie was in exhibition mood, and the crowd was laughing, whooping and jizzing their pants that tennis could be played like this, so casual, so stunning, and so illogically both at the same time.

I was told yesterday by Ticketek staff that there was a mass exodus of people buying Day Session Rod Laver tickets and returning their night sessions last minute, when Wogie was unexpectedly put on yet another day session. This is why.


Mentioning stunning, something about Australia just seems to bring out the best in Li Li Na Na, year after year. After making the semifinals in Melbourne last year, after beating Kim Clijsters in Sydney last week, Li Li Na Na is through to yet another slam semi.

Are you thinking about it?! Don’t even pretend you’re not thinking about it: 1.3 billion heads’ worth of a dormant market. A QUARTER OF THIS FUCKING PLANET. Now let us wake this sleeping bitch of a giant tennistical dragon.

xx doots

P.S. Happy Australia Day by the way! I love a sunburnt country … no really, I do.


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9 responses to “Aus Open Day 9: Who let the Swiss out?”

  1. Caroline Paquin (folpoulet) says :

    Happy Australia Day to you and all Australians Dootsie!

  2. dAri says :

    cool you got to see fed’s great display yesterday!

  3. jfK says :

    hope you had a great Australia day, doots 😀
    Ready for Rog-Djoker tomorrow! ? 😛

  4. lapinroyal says :

    Happy Australia (warm-sunny) day!!!
    Brrrrr, we had almost -30 Celsus… I went to a concert and this crazy lovely singer (Renee Fleming) serenate us with “SUMMERTIME“… 😯 No compassion at all!

  5. lapinroyal says :

    What did you do to Rafa??? 😯
    To keep Fedal domination, Roger better this whole thing… 😆

  6. dAri says :

    Get your cheers out, fed.freaks! Big effing match tonight! Kill em dead, fed!

  7. flo says :

    Little disappointed for Rafa’s ending of the Rafa Slam journey but refusing to talk about the obvious injury (that’s what the MTOs were about after all) was kinda grandstanding. It change the headline from “Valiant effort from injured champion Nadal” to “Lionhearted Nadal refuses to blame injury for loss (where he was obviously hampered by injuries)”. Wouldn’t the philosophical take on that situation be that he shouldn’t care about his perceived image in the press and just reveal the truth instead of playing the role of silent warrior? That’s the zen thing to do I think.

    Any comment on how Rafa is not a champion or deserving of his plaudits is complete garbage. Of course he would have handled Ferrer (maybe in 4) if he were healthy.

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