Old School.

Woah – is it just me or does Federer look like he just stepped out of a time capsule from late 2005? I was just telling someone a few days ago that I wish he would ditch the polos and go back to normal tshirts. But I’m a little ambiguous about this particular outfit – I like the simplicity of the concept, Fed looked down to business without the usual glitz. But my issue with it (and you can’t tell from this picture) is that the shorts and the top are a little mismatched. In any case, I suspect this was his night outfit  for the Australian Open, which he never wore. Pretty sure Nike had something else planned for him at Indian Wells.




As for the match, it was not brilliant, but as good as a Round 2 match need to be. The serve looked okay, save for one double fault in the tiebreak. Fed struggled at the beginning to find the range on his forehand, but settled into a nice rhythm towards the end.  Other than that, some good volleying and great movement. Other seeds in the bottom half of the draw all came through smoothly as well. Karlovic next for TMF. 


The same can’t be said for the WTA. I’m tired of hearing myself rant about women’s tennis, but honestly, Dementieva, Kuznetsova and Jankovic all out in their respective first matches, are you kidding me?


Didn’t watch Dementieva’s match, but it seems that even by her lowly standards, she had a miserable serving day. I caught the very end of JJ’s match against Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova, who first came to my attention at Wimbledon last year. What was confusing was that to me, in the few minutes I watched, JJ did not played a poor match. Sure she didn’t play brilliantly, but it was nothing short of what you would expect for a first match at Indian Wells. The girl was just simply outplayed by the Russian teen.

Poor old Kuzzie was taken out by Urzula Radwanska, who has been on a giant-killing streak even since Hobart this year. She’s set up another appointment with her older sister Agniewska. I’m intrigued. It’s times like these when I give more credit to the argument that the lack of a dominant player on the WTA tour (aside from the Williamses) is due to the “depth of the women’s field”.


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2 responses to “Old School.”

  1. TopSpin says :

    oh dear…just when you thought things couldn’t deteriorate any further.

    I’m particularly disappointed with JJ who I really thought would begin to take charge of her tennis here. Though she does at least recognize the gravity of the situation, calling for “a complete dismantling of her game”. She also spoke about how she had trouble moving her legs – which given her talent for scrambling and defence must be particularly troubling.

    And as it’s Elenas first really poor result of the year, I think it’d be unfair to bear down on her too heavily though a first round exit is not something you can ever take lightly.

    I’m actually thinking Vera, she certainly seems the most grounded of the remaining “contenders”.

  2. dootsiez says :

    ^ Hmmm I know Dementieva’s put up some strong results this year, but what annoyed me about her loss was her reaction to it. To lose a match, and say that you didn’t want to be there and that perhaps you shouldn’t have played at all, is just poor professionalism.

    As for JJ, I think her physique has changed during the offseason, and as a result she’s no longer moving as lightly as before. It seems that her success has left her a little confused about where she wants to go with her game and what her weapons are. As I said, I didn’t think she played a terrible match, but the women’s top seeds these days can’t come out first match of a major tournament and expect to cruise through it without putting up a fight. Whether it’s due to the depth of the field at the bottom or the lack of talent at the top remains to be seen.

    Zvonareva would be a good bet. But I’m all for having someone “new” win Indian Wells this year. Currently have Azarenka in mind.

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