Monday Tidbits: Hamburg, I’m your FAN!


Nikolay Davydenko, who I’ve “Australianised” as Davo, won Hamburg over the weekend, beating Mathieu 64 62. Don’t you love it when underachievers achieve? 

Look, he even got himself a fan:



That’s got to be one of the wackiest tennis trophies I’ve seen. Double yay! 


Mentioning WTF tennis trophies, what are your favourites? Three of mine: 


WTF No 1: Le Rock! 



WTF No 2: Le Tree! 



WTF No 3: Le Rubble, which incidentally resembles what’s left of Novak Djokovic, after Jo-Willy’s done with him.




Meanwhile, a shoutout to Robby Ginepri, the most forgettable American, who also ended his title drought last weekend with a win in Indianapolis over the eternal bridesmaid – Sam Querrey, 62 64.

Didn’t watch it, didn’t care. Didn’t realise it was actually an international tournament. 


And a final yay to the WTA Stanford tournament this week: real tennis! I can’t wait. 


xx doots


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