Picket Fence Vid: Someone get this girl her own show.

My life wouldn’t be complete without Flavs and reality TV.

Dear Italians, subtitles would be much appreciated. 



LOVE this bit:

“Would you do Federer?” 




“Del Potro?” 

“[Starts laughing] NO.” 

“Yannick Noah?” 

“[suspicious pause] … No.”  


Really Flavia? You had to think about Yannick Noah? 


“Maria Sharapova?”



Heh? Please don’t pretend to out Sharapova. 


“With (Carlos) Moya I had free sex all over the tournament. We shared a room and we didn’t practise abstinence as we’re advised, though we did practise free sex,” said the Italian.

Pennetta has no commitments now since Moya “fell in love with someone else”, and she admits three or four tennis players have tried to pull her since she broke up with the Spaniard. “The last one was a Brazilian, but I said now because I didn’t fancy him.”

Same sex relationships don’t cross her mind, but she admits it wouldn’t be difficult to experiment because in there’re lots of lesbians in tennis. She hasn’t received any offers anyway, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t tried sex in the changing rooms. And also on the clay, the grass and on a plane. The “flight was very long.”

Pennetta denied having tried cocaine. And she said her favourite players are, and not exactly because of their performance, “Tommy Haas is the most handsome one, but she’d have a romp with Marat Safin.” You gotta a call, Marat…

Source: momento24


For the gazillionth time, Carlos Moya is an idiot. But I’d love to know who the “Brazillian” was. Isn’t Thomaz Bellucci jailbait?


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11 responses to “Picket Fence Vid: Someone get this girl her own show.”

  1. Tashi says :

    I’m am girlcrushing to the max. There are no limits to Flavia’s awesomeness. I.love.her.

  2. flo says :

    Easy reality show spinoff – Flavia of Love. Not sure about whether these are good publicity things for the WTA but I guess girls will be girls. As with all the other girls, she’s more attractive with her hair down. The rule is this: if a girl looks good while on the court then off the court she’s a knockout.

    That said, I think Marat is the handsome of the bunch. Even his underachieving makes him more attractive. Federer is like the guy who married his first girlfriend and dedicates his life to his career. Nadal actually is with his high school sweetheart and lives like a monk when he’s actually a millionaire thirty times over; he lives with his parents and his recreation is fishing. WTF? And on the road he basically lives at the YMCA. Jeez, at least Federer actually spends normally for someone of his wealth. Off on a tangent there…

    Anywho, Marat’s lifestyle is what most teenage boys would aspire to if they had the athletic gifts. It’s actually the good life.

    • dootsiez says :

      Flavia of Love? LOLLL! Flavs would kick Scud’s ass with her reality TV success.

      Of course Marat is the epitome of the tennis bad boy, but it also makes him someone who works so well in small doses. If someone like Marat dominated men’s tennis the way Roger and Rafa have in the last few years, I’d get so turned off him.

      Just as well he turned out to be a tortured artist who never lived up to his potential.

  3. Lo says :

    I’ve tried translating the interview.
    Beware: bad english ahead!
    Also, keep in mind that “Le Iene” is a Comical/satirical show. All the questions are asked absolutely in jest. If you read this without watching the video, always remember that she’s almost always grinning orlaughing even when giving monosyllabic answers.

    Flavia Pennetta, she’s not just the strongest italian female tennis player ever, but she’s also considered one of the most beautiful women on the tour; pretty, skilled and single.

    Q: Flavia, are you a “grunter”?
    A: No, I don’t do that a lot.
    Q: Show us how you grunt.
    A: aaaah!
    Q: Who’s the loudest grunter on tour?
    A: Sharapova.
    Q: And how does she grunt?
    Q: But are you tennis players or pornstars?
    A: Tennis players.

    Q: Let’s get serious again… how are you ranked?
    A: Number ten.
    Q: When will you win a Grand Slam?
    A: Eehh.. soon, I hope!
    Q: Which italian woman tennis player did better than you in history?
    A: No one.
    Q: What do women players have more than the males?
    A: We are more resolute.
    Q: But why aren’t male italian players in the top rankings?
    A: Because they aren’t very resolute *laughs*


  4. Lo says :

    Q: Have you ever been in a relationship with a tennis player?
    A: Yes
    Q: Who?
    A: Carlos Moya.
    Q: You and Moya during tournaments: separate rooms or together in the same room?
    A: Together
    Q: Free sex or abstinence?
    A: Free.
    Q: Do you mean with other people too?
    A: *laughs* NO!!!
    Q: So you played “doubles” too?
    A: Sometimes *laughs* noo noo nooo!!

    Q: Are you and moya still together?
    A: No.
    Q: Who dumped who?
    A: He did.
    Q: Why did it end?
    A: Because he fell in love with someone else.

    Q: Right now, do you have a boyfriend?
    A: No.
    Q: How much do you earn?
    A: Enough *laughs*
    Q: Beautiful, rich, strong and famous; how come you’re single?
    A: Nobody wants me.
    Q: Send a message to find a Prince charming.
    A: Guys, I’m here!

    Q: How many tennis players have tried to hit on you?
    A: three or four.
    Q: The last one?
    A: A Brazilian.
    Q: Did you say yes to him?
    A: No, I said no, because he wasn’t my type.
    Q: How did you tell that to him?
    A: *can’t make up what she’s saying, probably: “it’s not the right moment”*

    Q: Who’s the most handsome tennis player?
    A: Tommy Haas.
    Q: Whould you hit him?
    A: no… I would hit Safin however.

    Q: Whould you do Federer?
    A: no
    Q: and Nadal?
    A: no
    Q: and del Potro?
    A: noo
    Q: and Yannick Noah?
    A: …no
    Q: You had to think about that!
    A: Noo! I mean… I had to visualize him, I imagined him and.. no!
    Q: and what about Sharapova, would you do her?
    A: No absolutely not!

    Q: Did any female tennis player ever hit on you?
    A: No, never.
    Q: Not even Navratilova
    A: Absolutely not.
    Q: Are there a lot of lesbian tennis players?
    A: Yes.


    • dootsiez says :

      Q: Are you and moya still together?
      A: No.
      Q: Who dumped who?
      A: He did.
      Q: Why did it end?
      A: Because he fell in love with someone else.

      Seriously, this needs to be made known to the whole of the tennis world: Moya is an IDIOT!

      Flavs is so forthcoming about it all too.

  5. Lo says :

    Q: let’s get back to grunting.
    A: Ok.
    Q: Why do a lot of tennis players grunt?
    A: Because it’s a way to relieve stress and to relax I suppose.
    Q: Let us hear how you scream:
    Q: When you serve:
    A: mmhhf.
    Q: when you hit a forehand:
    A: I “puff” more than else, so I’m like… “PHEWWW”
    Q: The volley:
    A: MH! *laughs*
    Q: let us hear how you grunt in bed:
    A: But my mom will watch this!!

    Q: Did you ever pose naked for a calendar?
    A: No
    Q: Do it for “Le Iene” then.
    A: Ale… ( the interviewer’s name)
    Q: Show us…
    Q: a sexy January:
    A: Sexy January.
    Q: A horny april:
    Q: A hot August:
    Q: A surprising December:

    Q: The thing that you do best in tennis:
    A: The backhand.
    Q: in the kitchen:
    A: Pasta al sugo.
    Q: At the weel:
    A: Parking.
    Q: At home:
    A: Sleep.
    Q: At the disco:
    A: Winking.
    Q: In bed:
    A: oh come on, these questions!

    Q: Have you ever “done it”
    Q: In the locker room:
    A: Yes
    Q: On the umpire’s chair:
    A: No
    Q: On clay:
    A: …no
    Q: on hardcourt:
    A: Yes.
    Q: Which court was that?
    A: A court… the number three *laughs*
    Q: On grass:
    A: On grass… yes.
    Q: The weirdest place?
    A: On a plane, it was a long flight *laughs*

  6. Lo says :

    Q: Who was the strongest(best) female tennis player?
    A: Seles was the strongest.
    Q: and today?
    A: If they train, the Williams sisters are the strongest.

    Q: Between you and the Williams sisters…
    Q: who’s richer?
    A: Them.
    Q: And prettier?
    A: Me.
    Q: Most famous?
    A: Them.
    Q: Fattest?
    A: Them.
    Q: The angriest(more short tempered)?
    A: Them.
    Q: The hottest?
    A: Me *laughs*
    Q: Why do you always lose with Serena Williams?
    A: She’s a “beast” compared to me.

    Q: The worst thing you said to…
    Q: an umpire:
    A: Jerk!
    Q: an opponent:
    A: Whore!
    Q: The worst thing you said to a man:
    A: You really are a piece of shit! *laughs*

    Q: At what age did you start playing?
    A: Four years old.
    Q: How many hours a day do you train?
    A: Four or five.
    Q: Where do you train?
    A: Barcelona.

    Q: Does doping exist in tennis?
    A: I think it does.
    Q: Why do some tennis players snort cocaine?
    A: To have fun.
    Q: Have you ever tried it (cocaine)?
    A: No.

    Q: Who’s the prettiest tennist player on tour?
    A: Kournikova, who doesn’t play anymore.
    Q: Who’s prettier, you or Kournikova?
    A: Kournikova.
    Q: You or Wozniacki?
    A: Me.
    Q: You or Sharapova?
    A: Me.
    Q: You or Schiavone?
    A: Ehh.. it’s a great fight!

    Q: Is it true that sportsman are a tad ignorant?
    A: It’s true.
    Q: Then let’s see how you fare.
    A: There, I knew it!
    Q: Question: will Flavia Pennetta ever manage to beat Serena Williams?
    A: Yes.
    Q: Wrong answer! You truly are ignorant!
    A: *laughs* you truly are bastards uh!

    That’s all, I hope it helps 🙂

    • dootsiez says :

      “Q: Question: will Flavia Pennetta ever manage to beat Serena Williams?
      A: Yes.
      Q: Wrong answer! You truly are ignorant!
      A: *laughs* you truly are bastards uh!”

      LOL!!! Love. Flavs. Thanks so much Lo! And dw about your English, it’s awesome.

  7. zealart says :

    wow, penetta looks so different with her hair down, lol. hmm! I actually haven’t really heard of her until like this year…during wimbledon? or the hard court swing…i forget. Also, happy one year for your blog! …although the latter is irrelevant to this entry 😀

    I swing by this blog every now and then, and I must say – it never fails to surprise/amuse/entertain me. always something new! thanks for the wonderful reads!


    • dootsiez says :

      Hey artie! Thanks for stopping by. LOL you haven’t heard of Pennetta before this year? Boy you must hardly ever follow women’s tennis. Tsk tsk 😛

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