Party like it’s 2016!

Best Olympics news in a long long time: Rio de Janeiro has won the bid to host the Games in 2016.

Let it be known that tennis players played their part. 



Hi Guga! We miss you. 



Dude’s excited: 


“It is amazing,” said Kuerten.  “Some years ago this chance seemed so far [away], but I believed that Brazil was getting prepared to face this new opportunity.
“I think that we [have] got everything quite will organized, and as a consequence we will have the chance to develop all kinds of sports in our country.”
Source: ATP


Unfortunately for Madrid, the combined vocal support of Rafa and a virtual deathbed plea from Juan Antonio Samaranch weren’t enough to give the city the edge, as it lost its second successive Olympics bid. 


“There’s no need to be demoralised, we were very close,” said Rafa.


Well … no you weren’t. Rio won by a landslide 66 votes to Madrid’s 32. 

As for Chicago and Tokyo: you tried, but realy, you had no chance to start with. 

Congratulations to the people of Rio. Anyone up for a Samba? 


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One response to “Party like it’s 2016!”

  1. Mia says :

    It’s about time the Summer Games were actually hosted in the tropics. Congratulations, Brazil. I hope I get to have slaved and saved up enough by that time.

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