Picspam: Things we love about tennis in China

1) Safin-worship.



2) MCs who just won’t take a hint. 



Mentioning MCs, is the Shanghai MC from last year back?

Because life wouldn’t be complete without his OTT “Logeeeerrrr Feduhlahhhhh!” intro. 

Not that Loger Feduhlah is even playing. 😦


3) Tennis cheerleaders. 



4) Well-staged photo-ops to show off domestic infrastructure to the foreign media. 



Tsonga and Nando demonstrated their tennis skills on the maglev trains in Shanghai – also known as the fastest trains in the world.

China’s trains are Number 1“, they obviously said. 



Can I please squeeze in between those two seats? I’d like a moment of dizzying speed myself.




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One response to “Picspam: Things we love about tennis in China”

  1. breadstix says :

    China wont be China without its OTTness. ;D
    And I miss Loger Feduhlah…

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