Federporn Friday: Boys night out.

Look at you! All sitting there, trying to be inconspicuous when the 3 guys in the row behind you are staring right at the back of your head.



Yes, with Mirka strolling the streets of Zurich and keeping herself amused, Roger had a night out with the boys to watch his football club, FC Basel.



Err, can I please trade places with that scarf? 



Don’t mind me. I’m just going to go and flap around my room some more now.

xx doots


7 responses to “Federporn Friday: Boys night out.”

  1. Tru says :

    Gorgeous solo pic!

  2. JFK says :

    Roger is so stylish with the scarf and jacket. We should crash boys night out and hang out with Reto and Roger. Fun!!!

  3. LJ says :

    man it seems like half a lifetime has passed between USO and Basel.

  4. ballgrrle says :

    I kinda don’t mind waiting…it’s like waiting til Christmas morning to open your presents…my brother used to search the house for his presents early and then rip open what he hadn’t found on X-mas eve! For me, the waiting only made me appreciate it even more!!

    Basel will be like Christmas come early for me! 🙂

  5. breadstix says :

    I’d have probably jumped Roger if I were sat behind him like that. Good job I wasn’t anywhere near. Haha, I almost didn’t spod him in the first pic. Feddy, you sly dog, you…

    Srsly can’t wait for Basel.

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