Abu Dhabi: Shut up, you loser.

The next time you go AWOL in the decider set of a match Roger, I’ll personally wax every single piece of hair off your body so you look like a furless cat. 



Losing is becoming Federer’s profession these days as he acquired his third straight loss to a top 10 player with a 76 67 26 defeat to Soderling. It’s the sort of streak that makes you want to stick your head into a toilet bowl because it looks prettier than the scoreline. Way to start the new decade, Rog. 

But all in all, it was a decent match.

Federer served big and played smoothly for the first set and a half, squeaking out the tiebreak and racing into an early break in the second. 

Just when I thought I could sit back and muse over his tan, the Dimpled One loosened up and began swinging for the fences. Bobby Sod quickly recovered the break as the set rolled into a tiebreak. Roger floundered, the Sod was reenergized, conceding only 1 point in the tiebreak to walk away with the second set. 



Once Federer got down an early break in the third, it became clear that he wasn’t prepared to go the distance, as the douchebag began to S&V and squander his break chances. Looks like that ‘aversion to breakpoint conversion’ followed him into 2010.  

But it was no biggie. Roger was hardly breaking out the tears over an exho. “Obviously it’s hard to start playing against him [Sod] but I had fun,” said Federer.

The Sod had fun too, as he enjoyed his first victory over Fed in 13 attempts, “I always said the more times I play him, the closer I’ll get, and here I am today,” he told the crowd.



Urgh. Stop looking adorbs. *shields eyes*

Seriously now – well done, Dimples. You refused to fade away when down a set and a break, and I can’t think of a more deserving victor. 



In the other match of the day, Rafa took out his Armada mate Ferrer 7-6 6-3.

After a tight first set in which Nadal saved five break points, including two sets points, Rafa took control of the tiebreak and his form. 

With a set under his belt, Rafa raced to an early break in the second set. Unlike Federer, he kept rolling while Ferrer faded into the night. The second service break did the trick as Rafa progressed to the final to face his twice-conqueror Bobby Sod. 



So can Rafa overcome two straight losses against Sod to score a meaningless victory but make an emphatic statement about his form? Or is Sod emerging as Rafa’s new kryptonite?

I have no allegiances here, since I’m partial to both. I just want a furious and nasty match.

Oh yeth … 

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18 responses to “Abu Dhabi: Shut up, you loser.”

  1. Jack says :

    I don’t think Federer losing is that big a deal. It was an exhibition after all. At this stage in his career, its the Grand Slams that count.

    Plus I’d rather him win the Australian Open and lose here and in Doha, than do what Andy Murray did last year (won this and Doha but crashed out early at the AO).

    Also, am I the only one who find it really hard to get excited about the new season until the Aussie Open?! For me, thats when the new season really starts.

    • dootsiez says :

      I’m not so much disappointed that he lost as I am annoyed by the fact that he gave up a set and a break lead.

      But maybe because I live in Aus, the pre-AO tournaments get huge coverage here so I love tournaments like Hopman, Brissie and Sydney. 😀

  2. Aggie says :

    Damn Rog, it’s hard to be mad at you when you look this good!
    My first full season, hello, it’s 2nd of January and already drama starts building! 🙂
    Also, exho or no exho, that’s not how I saw this tourney! For a start Rafa could have been playing Jo today, ahh fun And, God forgive me, I kinda hoped Ferru would pull of a miracle so we’d get the match everyone is waiting for, alas, not to be! Ah well!
    I’m rather interested how Ferru will measure up against Fed tomorrow, as for Rafa and Sod… Well, exho it may be, but I doubt Rafa will see it that way… Nasty match, indeed! Bring.it.on. 🙂


    • dootsiez says :

      I know it’s exciting isn’t it. Most of these guys are heading to Doha next week, so fingers crossed we get that match next week! 😀

  3. pban says :

    What is with Fed and that goddamned 6-2 scoreline in the decider.I swear if Isee that score again I am going to officially renounce him( well not really but he does need a good kick up his butt)

  4. pban says :

    thanks for the invitation doots ,you can have the second kick;)

  5. 6-2 Final Set Scoreline says :

    What’s up with the hate?

    You can blame Roger’s errant forehand, underwhelming backhand, shank volleys, Charlene & Myla etc.

    But to blame me, that is so classless.

  6. Jonny says :

    Dootsiez, i was watching and wondered if Fed changed his racquet model or was it the same racquet just a new paint job. It has got more black than the kfactor he was using last year.

    • dootsiez says :

      I’m not sure actually. It’s “supposed” to be a new model, but it would be unwise for Fed to change racquets all of a sudden at this stage of his career.

      But on the other hand, I doubt that Fed would ever actually admit to a paintjob.

  7. Alex says :

    doots – it was a fucking EXO. As soon as I saw him wearing the Rolex I knew what the game was. Now, if he’s wearing the Rolex in Doha, be worried. And Sod is still 0-12 against Roger!

  8. breadstix says :

    NO FEDAL AGAIN. GRRR. And another third set meltdown. I don’t care if it was an exo or not, it was still ratehr maddening. Pass the wax, Dootsiez. 😡

  9. Alex says :

    Fedal Fedal Fedal! Stop frazzling. Nom nom nom.

  10. gamegrrle says :

    … umm, not to start any conspiracy theories here, but I have a sneaking feeling that MDF (my darlin Fed) might have tanked the match so as to avoid playing Nadal in the finals. I mean think about it… it’s a lose/lose situation. Even though it’s just a EXO, did he really want to rack up another Nadal loss, or if he wanted to win, he would probably have had to expend some serious energy…and who wants to do that right before Doha and then the AO. Fed just made a comment at his DOHA presser regarding injuries and I quote ” It is normal for every player to have injury worries. There are going to be normal niggles and in the course of time, they may come back. It is important to listen to the signals and that’s one thing that I have done very well. When I became world No 1, there were lots of things going for me. There were opportunities to go and chase money and tournaments around the world, but I said, ‘I’m not going to do that’ and thought about the big picture. I’m very happy about my decision making over the years.”

    Seems to me like MDF is tellin us that he has a plan and it doesn’t include wearing himself out in the ones that don’t matter …just sayin! 🙂 … and c’mon, playing with your Rolex on,,, how seriously was he taking his game?

    Personally, I’m 100% behind any plan that keeps him fresh and fit (he’s always beautiful) for the big ones! Plus, dimples deserves a win… Doots you’ve made me a convert!! 😉


    • dootsiez says :

      Hmm not sure that I buy into conspiracy theories generally.

      I don’t think Roger set out to lose, but I’m prepared to accept that once he and Sod were on one set apiece, he was not willing to go the distance and fight it out. Given that it’s an exho, I don’t think a win would’ve particularly thrilled him, likewise, he didn’t seem to care about losing either.

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