Apologies for the lack of updates lately: I do so want to partay like it’s 1999 and have Roger Federer punch me in the ovaries with his deliciousness, but your Webmistress has been soundly defeated by a bout of flu and Tony Abbott-induced electoral rage, and is currently confined to bed with Federbear for cuddles.


I do however bring y’all Swiss doughnuts with white candy crosses to celebrate Squishy’s most recent win, HURRAH!

So here’s the deal:

Was it the cleanest of matches? Was it the best I’ve seen him play – as well as I know he can play? Of course not. In fact, in both the final and the semifinal against Baghdatis, Roger Federer returned badly, let his opponents off on their second serves, hit some shots akin to approach shots that were either some kind of failed “experimentation” or just … really, bad approach shots.

But that’s not the point.

The point is: he won, and he didn’t need his best tennis to win. We couldn’t say that in Indian Wells or Miami, where every match seemed to require a whole lotta digging deep into the depth of his soul. We couldn’t say that during the clay season, when every break point lasted for an eternity and the mofo had no mojo. And Wimbledon? Don’t get me started.

Looking back on the US Open series, a final and a title gives Roger Federer the best combined result in the top 4, not bad for an old geezer who has lost motivation, with his career “in crisis” and his brain turned into baby food.



The retirement and walk-over he got at the start of the week most likely helped, but the wins he scored, over Berdych and Djokovic, Baghdatis, Davydenko and Fish were morale boosting. They say revenge is a dish best served cold, I don’t care how it’s served, as long as Roger Federer serves it.

More doughnuts anyone?

xx doots


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16 responses to “PARTAY!”

  1. Emma says :

    Berdych, Nole, Baggy, Davy and Fish had all beaten him the last time they played Bo3, pretty awesome revenge wins if I do say so myself 😀 And as much as his returning was facepalm inducing (he said in the PC he had real problems reading Mardy’s serve which maybe explains SOME of it…) his serving was awesome, he only faced one break point in 17 games. WOO WOGER!

  2. Red4Fed says :

    Get well soon Doots! I’ve missed you and your brilliant ramblings! I think you need a strawberry milkshake with chocolate swirls to speed your recovery! 🙂

  3. Ribbons says :

    Oh, my. That really is one hideous piece of hardware.

    *pets da bear and sends da bitch more soup*

  4. Alex says :

    Doots – it was definitely a case of SolidFed grinding it out. There really weren’t any “wow” shots in this match from Roger which is weird because even when he’s played a bad match you normally get a few. My guess is he knows that you have to grind it out from time to time and the flash will be there at Flushing Meadows.

  5. Deborah says :

    I’m still doing the happy dance!!!! I leave for the US Open in 6 days and can’t wait to see Baby Boy in person!!!!!

  6. TennisAce says :

    It was a wonderful Sunday afternoon. Almost got mad and turned off the tv but my sister who has just now developed a love for tennis was really enjoying the match. He did make some really good shots, especially a running forehand pass up the line in the second set tiebreak. His volleys were meh, but his serving was really good.

    Nice to see.

    Doots, try hot toddie and try and sweat it out. *hugs to you and Federbear and hope you feel better soon.

  7. Freudo says :

    Hope you are ‘in the pink’ again soon. Like Roger you did great while not at your best!

  8. sita says :

    Absolutely delighted he won and who cares how he did it !!
    He was obviously not at his best but Fish is no pushover and has been on a hot streak these past few weeks.
    Loved how he won those tight matches through Toronto-Cincy , the kind he would have lost just a few months earlier.
    Now go get that USO trophy Woger and I promise to get off your case for the rest of the year…….

    And Doots, you take care girl and get well soon…..

  9. Mia says :

    No flu is gonna stop Doots.

    Watched the first set and I felt I was jinxing him because I had not been able to watch any of his matches on livestream for the Toronto-Cincy stretch before that. Threw up a prayer and hoped that when I woke up the next day, it would be a Fed W.

    Yay, Feddy, we wuv ya!

  10. Jack says :

    So happy that Roger won! Like you said, not his best tennis but who cares. We’ve waited 7 months to see him lift a trophy again. And I think it was the first time he’s defended a title since Basel 08.

    So a good two weeks for Roger and can’t wait for the USO now!

    And get well soons, doots! 🙂

  11. BS says :

    It was a great week. He was clinical, which I prefer any time he plays, rather than building leads and losing them only to lose the match (Tsonga Montréal 2009). He’s playing well again, not his best, but it’s better not to peak too early. Overall, a great two weeks for him. My favourite part was the revenge wins. The list is getting shorter and shorter 😛 I hope you get better soon doots 🙂

  12. pban says :

    BS you said it right I love the clinical and rather dour wins …hate it when he plays trick shots. Is it me or has the 2nd serve improved? and the FH was great,BH could be better though.

  13. roadrunnerz says :

    *joins party and throws confetti*

    Funny how Old Man Fed was the only one to make both finals of the back-to-back Masters. Did anyone of the top four even make both semis??

    It’s way more than I would have expected after his summer season. But really, I should stop being surprised. He’s given me more than I expected ever since I’ve become a fan. 🙂

    Feel better, Doots!!! Hot chamomile tea with lemon, honey and brandy! That is all the flu advice I have, lol

  14. writersbleedink says :

    I’d like one of the donuts. 😀 Too bad they don’t make these things in Germany. We don’t even have german donuts.

    Get well soon (I read fever disappeared after Mad Men?) and be right back for Flushing Meadows.

  15. jfK says :

    Thanks for the doughnuts, Doots! Such a great win for Roger and his confidence going in to NYC. By the way I’m glad to see you’re giving your Federbear the spa treatment considering it has probably been through hell the last 8 months 😛

  16. gamegrrle says :


    One more reason we love you so much…you drag your flu ravaged body over to the computer just so that we can all properly revel in the glory and joy of a win!! My Feddybear sends his love to yours and I am sending you metaphysical chicken soup and imaginary hugs from LA!!

    Just as i always come here to get some much needed consolation and commiseration from fellow Fedophiles when he loses… it doesn’t feel like a complete celebration of a win until I’m here with everyone else basking in the warm glow of his latest victory (…and let me tell you…I was getting a little cold waiting for one!)

    I can’t add much to the converstiong about these past 2 weeks that most haven’t said already, so I will just use pictures from Cincy to stand in for my words! 😉

    HURRAY FOR ALL OF US! AND ALL HAIL ANANCONE! I I will never lose my taste for Federcone!

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