Vid: Word association – Andy Murray … comedy?

Sorry Andy, my stupid mates don’t believe that you’re Andy Murray cause I think the picture we took, doesn’t really look like you. Maybe ’cause you were smiling … do you think there’s a chance we could do another one, with you trying to look more you? … Like … emo?

I love how retardedly deadpan he sounded when he said “depends whether I win or not”.

ILU Outnumbered.

xx doots



5 responses to “Vid: Word association – Andy Murray … comedy?”

  1. crumbs says :

    I like how the curly fry says DEATH.

  2. Katarina_YYZ says :

    ROTFL! wow, really good stuff. Classic British humour (… or Scottish… depends on if you liked it 😛 ).

    Andy seemed a little to good an “actor” — wonder if he’s had experience with these types of fans before 😉

  3. jandemom says :

    I do not like Andy Murray at all, and this had me laughing out loud 😀 Good to know that behind that dour, mopey exterior is a guy with a good sense of humor!

  4. dari says :

    this was really funny! way funnier than i expected. i am not anywhere where i can see the show these guys are from, but andy tweets about them, he loves the show, glad they did the routine together!
    makes me kinda miss the kid. andy, come back and play good tennis!

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