Fashion: it’s Roger time!

Who in their right mind would make Marat Safin captain?


That’s my question for the organisers of the Guinot v Mary Cohr exhibition at the Paris Golf and Country Club this week. A bit of a “Kooyong” type tournament – good for match practice and fan-stalking, but not much to be read into it really. If anyone cares to know – Murray lost to Mathieu, Baghdatis took down Monfils, while Federer and Nadal both won their respective matches against Stan and Clement.  


Meanwhile, Roger Federer continues to strengthen his claim to Practice Tee GOAT-hood by sporting these funky “Love PRS (Paris)” tees at Roland Garros.  We can rightly expect “Love LNDN” and “Love NYC” tees to come out for the rest of the slams too. Let’s just hope it’s not unrequited love. 




And as far as I’m concerned, Federer’s never had a single outfit at the French Open that I actually liked – the low point being the light blue bowling shirt he wore in 2007. Doesn’t look like this trend is about to change either – check out the seaweed coloured ensemble Nike has for Federer at Roland Garros. It’s by no means horrible. It’s just plain boring. 


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3 responses to “Fashion: it’s Roger time!”

  1. Tally says :

    You ask why pick Marat as captain. Maybe it’s a way of keeping him interested long enough to play his game. I love him to bits – but motivation a little lacking recently – maybe !!!

  2. dootsiez says :

    ^ hey Tally, motivation has been lacking for a long time for Marat Safin.

    It’s weird seeing Safin as the captain – he’s always struck me as a bit of a complete anarchist. Lovable as he may be (and yes, don’t we all love him to bits!), he’s not someone you’d put in a “leadership” position, unless implosion is where you want him to lead. not that there’s much leadership required here. 😀

    Not that I’m complaining, as much Safin as I can get before the end of the year pretty please!

  3. TopSpin says :

    Hi dootsiez –

    I just thought the ‘Captain Marat’ thing made for some comic changing room scenarios.Can you imagine him getting all Zeljko on Roger!?

    Also I don’t particlarly mind the seaweed t shirt – it’s got a kind of electric blue thing going on which does at least look striking – but you’re correct, without some additional designs on it, it looks a bit bland.

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