Montreal Day 1: Oh, dream maker, you heart breaker.

How do you learn to unlove this guy?



“It slipped away in the third set. I was just a little too nervous. It slipped away. I don’t have a grip on the important moments. I wanted it too much.

“I know what I have to do but it’s difficult. You know you don’t have it — it slips away and I feel it.

Source: NYTimes


That’s Marat bloody Safin for ya. Of course he couldn’t just lose. He had to take the second set, go up a break in the third and lose the next 6 games to surrender the match. Of course. And then he had to come up with nostalgically sad quotes to make you sniff at your computer screen. 

Yeah Marat. Fuck you. Sniffles.


In other day 1 tidbits:

1) Would anyone explain what’s up with Marin Cilic? Defeated first match by Mikhail Youzhny 46 76(4) 61. Read: total third set implosion. 

If this doesn’t raise alarm bells for you – he lost to Somdev Devvarman first match in Washington last week. 

That right. Somdev Devvarman. 


2) Not since Fed and Stan’s campfire rituals has doubles tennis drawn this much attention. Rafa’s back folks, and nothing speaks “I’m back!?” more than sleeveless shirts, crooked game-face and lusty biceps. Since I really wasn’t a fan of the insidious attempt to change Rafa’s unique image in the first place, I applaud the return of the sleeveless shirt as much as I applaud the man in it. 



Rafa and his dinosaur doubles partner won in straight sets against Djokovic and doubles specialist Vermic. Didn’t catch the match of course, but considering their competition, I’d say this was a pretty good start for Rafa. I’d like to see him do well in Montreal, even if he doesn’t win it. I can’t handle the thought of Rafa as the No 3 player behind Murray. Or the thought of Federer and Nadal playing in the semifinal of the US Open against each other. 


3) Roger, who was scheduled to play on Day 2, used his time wisely to strut his pink practice shirt, and the most pathetic left arm of all time.



Dude, don’t you remember what happened when the last World No 1 wore pink? Take it off! 

The Fed is due to face local fave Niemeyer next round. Niemeyer has played Federer once previously, losing 6-4, 4-6, 6-4 in 1998. Yes. That would be the 90s. So how will the Quebecois fair against the Fed this time, 11 years down the track?

Naturally, he hoped for some intervention from the Mighty Babes.


“I also played a tournament when my daughter was 2 weeks, and I didn’t sleep very much that week,” Niemeyer said. “He has two (kids), so hopefully he doesn’t sleep at all.


I can so imagine: the night before a US Open semifinal clash with Nadal – Myla and Charlene wouldn’t stop screaming their lungs out …


Let the frazzling begin!

xx doots


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11 responses to “Montreal Day 1: Oh, dream maker, you heart breaker.”

  1. girl from michigan says :

    “Hopefully he doesn’t sleep at all”

    yes, because that is the only way you are going to stand a chance against him.

  2. Liz says :

    I think we love Marat partly because of his dark soul, which can only accept his talent when it’s unfulfilled. I thought he would win the first set, be up 5-0 in the second, and then lose the next 13 games. It makes it even more agonizing that he made a comeback in the second set.

  3. freakyfrites says :

    Hi doots!

    Last year I started this mini personal campaign where I called Marat a Beefcake and tried to convince myself of one thing: if he wasn’t so damn good looking, he’d be about as newsworthy as Juan Carlos Ferrero (not that JCF is chopped liver in the looks department. – and he just beat Hewitt!)

    I mean, Marat gets a lot of attention for someone who has won “only” 2 slams in over a decade on tour.

    But then he got to the semis of Wimby last year and all my pooh-poohing went out the window and I started having hope again. . .and that brought me nothing but pain.

    So maybe now that I’m back into my dismissive “Beefcake” stage, he’ll do something? (But Im afraid that even this scrap of hope is too much!)

    Sigh. . .I’d say he needs a lobotomy but then the other best thing about him – his dark wit – would disappear.

    • dootsiez says :

      I know what you mean FF, I had given up on him by Wimbledon last year, but then he made that run! That stupid Beefcake!

      But Marat is more than looks, he has charisma too, which makes him a lot harder to ignore than JCF, who’s growing on me more and more.
      And Safin’s two slams came at the expense of Sampras and Federer, which makes him a GOAT conqueror!

      I just hope that the draw gods will put Marat in Federer’s section of the draw at the USO and Bercy so we can witness some more matches between these two before he leaves. 😦

  4. Tashi says :

    This is the prettiest post ever.

    I’d like Marat to retire now. As in right this very moment. This farewell tour crap is painful.

    • dootsiez says :

      Marat will win Bercy! Yes he will, and then he’ll feel so invigorated that he’ll decide to play another year! *crazy* 😀

  5. EP says :

    Marat made me SO sad last night… I was there.. sitting through the whole thing…. *pouts* After he went up a break I was like “he’s going to still blow it isn’t he?” And sure enough…… =(

    And ROGER… he was wandering around in the box seats near me when I was watching Nole and my poor fellow canuck *squeals* He was like…. 50 feet away from me maybe? Maybe a bit more. Still. it’s the closest I’ll probably ever get to him so *squeals some more* I totally ignored poor Nole and just kinda stared at Roger… XD

    Sorry……Just had to share my Roger moment with someone who appreciates Roger =D

    • dootsiez says :

      Hey EP, thanks for the account! I totally lived vicariously through you! 😀

      I’d stare at Roger instead of the Nole match too, it’s not like you missed out on much, since Nole was playing so crap.

  6. Blue says :

    Poor Marat 😦 I just want him to win at least one tourney this year. The title is from ‘moon river’ right? I didn’t know you also liked AH.

    Rafa with sleeves is much better and thank god there’s no more pink. And Roger’s left arm! See why I thought he had skinny arms?

    • dootsiez says :

      Hi Blue, yes the title is from Moon River! I love the lyrics to that song. 😀

      Roger’s arms aren’t just skinny, they’re hairy and asymmetrical! Hehehe, I find his legs more attractive personally….

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