Tennis Fashion: Winter Snuggies.

Fed’s outerwear for the indoor season. I have no idea whether he’s going with the jacket or the sweater.




But the sweater looks oh-so-Wimbledon. 




So you’re not a complete fail Nike, congrats.



24 responses to “Tennis Fashion: Winter Snuggies.”

  1. sazzylove says :

    Me likey!!!

  2. FortuneCookie says :

    Love it,I wish he actually would wear that at Wimbledon!And he’d avoid all the tedious “he’s a classless douchebag/looks like something out of Brideshead Revisited/emperor in new clothes” blah blah blah talk from haters and journos…
    And speaking of journos,WOW did this guy turn out to be wrong!
    From Wimbledon Facebook page today:
    This is a quote from the newspaper when Roger Federer won the Wimbledon boy’s title in 1998: “So is Federer a future Wimbledon champion? Probably not unless he learns to vary his tactics. He has been brought up on clay and it showed, his trips to the net being about as frequent as a blue moon. Still if he only becomes the next Ivan Lendl (eight Grand Slams) he will be thanking his lucky stars.” more

  3. roadrunnerz says :

    Am I the only one that finds them…boring?

    Sure, it’s classy, elegant, clean-cut. Typically Fed. And perfect for Mr. Ambassador-of-the-Sport. But sometimes I just think Nike tries to hard to contrast Fed (old school) vs Rafa (young, fresh and daring).

    Maybe it’s just me.

    Maybe I’m just dying to see Fed in pink, lime-green and chequered shorts. I want him to shock people, and remind us, that really, he’s just 28, not 48.

    • FortuneCookie says :

      No,I really like this outfit,but I definitely know what you mean!it’s something that’s annoyed me slightly as well…Fed is definitely made to seem older than he is,I remember after Wimbly 08 final talking to a friend about it,and she was SO surprised when I told her that Fed was only 26!
      Their outfits also produce misleading images sometimes,Fed is often seen as some posh guy from a rich background,and Nadal a more edgy island dude,when if you read up on it Rafa has actually come from a far wealthier background than Roger!Although he’s Swiss,he hasn’t come from Compton either :p
      Ha,had way more to say on that than I thought I did,basically roadrunnerz,yeah I agree! 🙂

    • dootsiez says :

      word roadrunnerz, I think Nike is going slightly overboard with both Roger and Rafa.

      With Roger, they’re like “hmm is there a shade of blue that we haven’t put him in yet?”

      And then when it comes to Rafa, it’s sorbet colours and chequered shorts.

      I think it’s a bit of a misconception that Rafa appeals to squealing teenagers and Roger to drooling fan mums. Most of my friends are hot for Fed, and I know plenty of mama’s who would gladly make Rafa a sandwich. Wouldn’t hurt to change it up a bit, although it doesn’t look to be happening next year.

    • anne says :

      Shudders at the thought of Roger in pink lime green and checquered shorts that seems to be the trademark of oh so young and fresh Nadal.Besides, i wouldnt want those cursed and outrageous colored outfits to rub off on FED!No thanks.!

      • roadrunnerz says :

        But, but…your icon is pink!


        Just the thought of Fed’s dark skin and hair combined with a lime green shirt makes me smile…

        But then I was also the only person in the world who liked Rafa in pink.

        • anne says :

          yes my icon is pink.didnt chose it but i like pink because i am a girl and pink is usually associated with girls like me but absolutely not on my FED!Yeah yeah, i know that there is a notion that real men wear pink but i say it must not be worn by FED ON COURT! 😉

        • dootsiez says :

          hmm it must be said that Roger had a few pink practice shirts and they were quite cute.

          But no. Not for an actual match. You just can’t kick ass in pink. I’d rather Darth Fed.

        • erin99 says :

          Not the only one. Loving the shirts – it’s the shorts I am seriously thinking about. Some of them would not look out of place on a golf course, but I am reserving judgement on their place on a tennis court.

      • dootsiez says :

        I like the lime green thing, but no chequered shorts. Fed looked so good at AO06 with the green/white combo. and I like the whole stripe down the side thing on Fed’s current shorts.

        But def no pink. Just look at Rafa and Venus this year. *shakes head*

  4. Alex says :

    And of course Nike won’t be selling this to the regular customers.

  5. Wellspring says :

    Nice outfit but perfectly boring. He isn’t a man nurse for goodness’ sake – a bit of lively colors will not kill his image as ambassador of the game or whatever. My favorite Fed’s outfit ever was the 2006 Oz ensemble – this green and white combo was to die for (Dootsiez, I thought I was the *only* one to rate this outfit so highly!!). Why does Nike not try a few more green combinations instead of another no-it -isn’t-actually-blue-it’s-aqua thingy.

    However, Nike does understand two basic facts about Federer:

    Roger in all black is something out of this world in the best possible meaning.

    Roger in red is always awesome. Somehow red is the only color which doesn’t age Rog (note how young he looks in his Davis Cup/ Olympic Games outfits) yes gives him all the gravitas one can wish for.

    Unfortunately he doesn’t wear red half as often as he should.

  6. emory says :

    Roger looks classy in whatever he wears. Everything! Including his various Wimbledon apparel! Some I liked more–loved the short sporty blazer–and also liked the sweater, and the 2009 outfit. As for the jacket, it was modest, very modest, and not something he had planned. And even if he had? It would still have been classy. After all, he didn’t use his country’s flag, nor did he climb helter skelter over the spectators to get to his supporters! That is class, always, when Fed is on the court!

  7. emory says :

    Please! Who wants “edgy” look for Roger? Look to his game, his demanour, his achievements! And if anyone thinks that “agressive pink” and “goldfish pearlescence” are edgy, then they must be thinking of Hollywood.
    He never looks old. He just looks classical with his clothes, which means not being dated next season. People forget about classical, and what it stands for. Endurance, lasting value, lasting aesthetically, too.

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