Baby Quiz Reloaded: 28 Reasons to Reproduce.

The rules are self-explanatory: tell me who these 28 little shits grew up to be. Answers at the bottom. No cheating. 

1. Left

2. Middle 



3. Right



4. Boy that is one spectacular nose. 






6. I don’t even care if you have ovaries, they need to spontaneously combust right now.

How SWEET is she?



7. Ditto for this little guy. Guchee-guchee-guchee-guchee.

Guchee Guchee Guchee.



8. I would laugh at the hairpiece, but I’m sure there’s a photo of me wearing the exact same thing when I was little.

Without the hot bangs.



9. (Left)

10. (Right)

Easy-peasy. Extra point if you name the fabulous mustache in the middle.




11. Hats off to whoever gets this. 






13. Does she ever look different?



14. Wish I had a bigger picture of this. He looks adorbs.



15. It’s amazing to see how early tennis came into the lives of some of these players. This little princess was chewing on tennis racquets when she was still in her diapers! 



16. Pffft. Typical.



17. The one on the left is Ferrero, as the scoreboard indicates.

Guess who’s on the right. 



18. Cute as a button.



19. It’s okay. *patpat*



20. Another one of those ‘early starters’ in this sport. 



I know the picture’s blurry, so I’ll give you a second one. Those girls in the front row look like French maids.









23. AND HIM!

But the one I really want to adopt is the dark-haired hunk at the back. Hello?!



24. I’d adopt this naughty boy too if he gets out of the rubbish bag!









27. My favourite. When I grow up, I wanna be just like you. 






How many did you get? Answers! 

  1. Dinara Safina
  2. Maria Kirilenko
  3. Elena Dementieva
  4. Guillermo Coria 
  5. Gilles Simon
  6. Victoria Azarenka
  7. Andy “Guchee-Guchee” Roddick
  8. Anna Kournikova
  9. Alicia Molik
  10. Lleyton Hewitt. Mustache man: John Newcomb. 
  11. Conchita Martinez
  12. Stefan Edberg
  13. Kim Clijsters
  14. Tommy Haas
  15. Martina Hingis
  16. Jelena Jankovic
  17. Fernando Gonzalez
  18. Gustavo Kuerten
  19. Lindsay Davenport
  20. Marat Safin
  21. Amelie Mauresmo
  22. Justine Henin
  23. Rafael Nadal
  24. Roger Federer
  25. Maria Sharapova
  26. Robin Soderling
  27. Vera Zvonareva
  28. Mary Pierce

22 responses to “Baby Quiz Reloaded: 28 Reasons to Reproduce.”

  1. robert says :

    The dark-haired hunk with Nadal (pic 23) is one of his uncles, Miguel Angel Nadal, former soccer pro and the first huge celebrity in that family.

    Talk about genes.

  2. Jack says :

    Got roger and rafa right!! Also, got Justine and Gilly right too, plus others! Had no idea who 3, 11 and 28 were

    I love that Amelie pic, she looks so adorable!! As does Zvonareva!!!

    Roddick looks just as he does now, which is oddly strange 🙂

    Poor Dinara, she looks like a boy! But Poor Masha because i thought that was a boy lol 😀

    But the funniest one has to be Kim Clijsters! That hair looks too big for a child! And i don’t want to mean, but i can see where she gets the nickname “Princess Fiona”

    • dootsiez says :

      Woah. You thought Masha looked like a boy?

      • Jack says :

        Hey, its an easy mistake to make!! Kids are very androgynous looking!

        Plus the hair was very similar to Roger’s in the pic above so it got me all confused!! I thought it was a take on the classic bowl cut every boy has as a child (including myself 😦 )

        Also, would it be mean if I thought no 4 (Guillermo Coria) looked like shrek?

        Oh, and is that the best Davenport pic you could find? She looks about 14 there…….so technically not a baby anymore 😀

  3. A says :

    Number 12 looks more like Stefan Edberg than Björn Borg if I’m not mistaken?

  4. FortuneCookie says :

    Roger and Rafa as little kids were (and still are 😉 )SO cute!Seeing Kim’s makes you realise just how much Jada looks like her!
    I was so bad at this quiz though,got barely any of them!Apart from the ones I mentioned,and the one with MaKiri and Dinara,and JJ…typical JJ indeed!

  5. Tina says :

    Here’s a different version of the Haas pic. =]

  6. JFK says :

    Wow I failed this so badly. lol at Roger playing in a trash bag. adorkable.

  7. judy says :

    where on earth do you find these pics? i got 12, but was surprised by many of them. oh giles! i was struggling with that one because i could tell from the face and stance who it was, but it was totally escaping me. thank god you gave answers! andy was most obvious and strange.

  8. meretricula says :

    love baby Dinara’s butch haircut and ridiculous looming over MaKiri, who still looks pretty much exactly like she did at age 12. (it kind of freaks me out that she’s a tennis sex symbol. she looks prepubescent!) couldn’t get Gilly from the face, then I looked at the calves. XD

    bb!Henin was the cutest thing ever, holy cow. and wowza, Miguel Angel. Nadal genes are *fine*.

  9. TopSpin says :

    Oh goody, luv these!

    1. Got this
    2. For some reason I thought this was Dementieva (the teeth)
    3. Then again, I should have got this right – she looks so much like her mum!
    4. Too Easy – The eyes and that nose are unmistakable.
    5. Another spectacular fail – my guess? Mark Phillippoussis! Should have looked at the calves like Meretricula!
    6. Ya know – I dunno if I’m even prepared to accept thats VIka – and yes my man ovaries exploded – I want three.
    7, Too easy – Did he ever look any different?
    8. Got this one (the eyes) – and of that I’m proud
    9,10: Got both – no joy with moustache man though
    11. Don’t laugh – but I guessed Davydenko for some reason – before realising she was wearing girls clothes – there’s something in the face, no? Ok, no.
    12. Hadn’t the foggiest
    13. Too easy. ANd no she never looked any different
    14. Hadn’t the foggiest
    15. Are you kidding me? Thats like playing “name that tune” after listening to one note!
    16. I really should have got this. *pfft* indeed.
    17. Got this one – those lips are a dead giveaway
    18. I guessed Mardy FIsh – shows you how much I know
    19. Too easy – oh dear
    20. Got this but only with the help of your second image – interesting to note how the other boys tower above Marat – did they all grow up to be ISner types, or did Marat have a growth spurt?
    21. Got this – they could cast her as an elf in “Lord of the Rings” – and I want three of “Baby Arwen” too.
    22. I only got this because I remembered that goofy image of Justine with specs you did in your last baby quiz
    23. Spectacular fail – I went with Fernando Verdasco (the hair), I know, I know *facepalm*
    24. Hadn’t the foggiest
    25. I’m sorry, that is NOT Maria Sharapova.
    26. Not even close – not going to embarrass myself by telling u my guess
    27. Got this – fish face is unmistakable, and surprisingly cute
    28. YOu can see the resemblance with the lips and face cut once you know its her I suppose. Still,I missed.

    I swear I’m getting better at these!

    And am still reeling from the sudden burst of cute from Vika and Amelie!

    Keep them coming.

  10. Liz says :

    I always stink at these, because I get too distracted by all the cuteness. I just want to scoop up baby Andy and carry him off with me! And little Amelie — what a sweetie!

  11. roadrunnerz says :

    I totally thought #23 was Verdasco! It looks like a mini-him! Right down to the gelled hair. (although the eyebrows are all Rafa, on closer inspection).

    Gustavo was the absolute cutest!

    Roddick looked just like…Roddick, even as a baby. How funny is that?

    Little Roger is adorable too. He looks like the kind of kid who’d always get into trouble, but who you could never stay angry with.

    No more baby Stan pics?

    • dootsiez says :

      I wish there were more baby Stan pics. Doesn’t matter. In a few months, Baby Stan Jnr will be born! 😀

      I recognised #23 myself by the eyebrows. Good’ol Rafa and his hyperactive eyebrows.

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