Federporn Friday: Papa. Paparazzi.

Hello my lovelies! How time flies!

It’s been two weeks since we last had Federporn Friday, so this week’s edition is a steaming hot amalgamation of two different themes – Indian Wells and Roger’s new look.

All images were made possible by fans from RF.com and the twitterazzis who were quick to post up their lovely snaps!

Roger’s choppy boy-cut is coming along nicely, no?

Credit to Krist over at the Mothership for this double whammy of finger and hair porn.

As if hair itself wasn’t enough, Roger and Nike seemed to have decided to experiment with a new color. Me thinks the Mighty Babes will like their papa in this.

Credit to Justin Gimelstob (twitter), and this lovely makeup artist (clickey).

Over at practice, Roger chose to hit with another papa, Ivan Ljubicic.

But not before he said hi to Rafa and Kim…

… although Rafa looked a little distracted by Ana Ivanovic.

It’s okay, the Fed was all business and fine ass.

And traded parenting secrets with Ljuby.

Urgh. Stop smiling, doucheteddy.

So how’s your week been? What say you to the new hair? Yay or nay to Roger the pink panther?

Do tell.

xx doots

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22 responses to “Federporn Friday: Papa. Paparazzi.”

  1. Mia says :

    Sot it’s red, not pink. Oh, I would gladly trade places with that make-up artist. Oiling Roger Federer … whoooof!

  2. Amandita_FP says :

    I like the outfit. =) He looks good in blue but I really wanted him to wear a different color to change things a bit, and this works great =)

    It’s so cool to be able to see so many awesome pics of Roger =) And I love the pic with Rafa & Kim! So much greatness in one place is amazing.

    As for the hair.. I miss the longer curls. He looks lovely of course, (the boyish look is great on him), but I hope he’ll have longer hair again soon =o)

    And my week has been fine, thx for asking, it’ll be better if I am able to get home on time tomorrow for the Hit 4 Haiti (the men’s match at least, since I already know I won’t be able to see the women’s). But just in case, someone please post it online later! please!

  3. Lovekosifed says :

    *antijinx* on the pink!

    *antijinx* on the pink!

    Roger, please wear blue something underneath!

    He’s looking mighty good, though. Love the curls, love the color, love the smile, love the man and his puny left arm.

  4. Gracie says :

    I’m OK with the red shirt (please let it be red and not pink, we know how that color jinxed Rafa last year), but I too prefer the longer curls.

    I am counting the hours until the start of IW. Rogi! You’ve been away from us for too long!

    BTW Dootz, the best part of Federporn Friday is that I get to see it here in the US on Thursday!

  5. pban says :

    I like short hair in general but with Feddy I am not so sure,Iam going to miss the way he keeps adjusting wisps of hair from his forehead before a point….he has such lovely hands(I know I know but I love seeing these little quirks…I am like that only)Besides the last time he had hair as short as this was a disaster, does anyone really want to be reminded of AO2009 😦 .But he is looking good though. IS THAT REALLY PINK? Oh please no Feddy, I hate pink, much rather have all those 1000 shades of blue…red is ok too.

    • Amandita_FP says :

      I love how he adjusts his hair too! I totally wanted to say that before but I couldn’t find the words in English. I’m glad you said it =)
      And yeah, I also don’t want to see him in pink (I didn’t use to be superstitious about colors but then I started reading this blog and now I really don’t want to see Rog in pink LOL). But, anyway I’m pretty sure that’s a red t-shirt, so I’m OK with it =)

  6. Annie says :

    Some rf.commers got Fed to hold their genius poster!

    Ace. Ha, he looks like he’s in a permanent good, smiley mood these days.

  7. simple_mee says :

    A wonderful post. I believe Roger looks more handsome with shorter hair.
    I specially liked the pic with Rafa n Kim. It was so cool. This is one thing that i have always loved n Roger; the perfect sportsperson and a great human.

    Thanks for the lovely pics. 😉

  8. sita says :

    Hmm.. When i saw the title , I thought dootsiez had unearthed MRF/CRF pics again.

    I want his Wimby 2008 hair back . It was perfect. These days he seems to cut it very short every time.

    What shade of pink is this supposed to be …crimson pink ?.
    I thought i saw a very light shade of pink for the 2010 hardcourt season. The one he wears for practice sometimes,

    • pban says :

      Sita are you out of your mind, don’t you know it is sacrilege to want anything back from Wimby 2008 on this blog, what is it with you guys can’t a girl forget in peace!!!

  9. pban says :

    NO WIMBY 2008 REMINDERS PLEASE, there are some here who are still suffering from PTSD(post traumatic stress disorders ) after what happened there.

    • jfK says :

      lol pban, same for me. so traumatic. I have to close my eyes everytime they show clips of it on tv.

    • BS says :

      It took me months to get over that loss. Months. I can’t even bring myself to watch footage of Rafa with the trophy. It hurt so much. If we feel this strongly about it, what must he have been like?! I think this illustrates it perfectly:

      Don’t watch this if you don’t want to see Rog upset!! I’ve never seen him so downcast and disappointed after losing a match. All I want to do is give him a big hug.

  10. sita says :

    oops ! sorry make that beijing 2008, that will do too 😀

  11. BS says :

    Well, I’m not too sure about the new kit (I hate it when he wears black socks and black runners) but the red is nice. To be honest he can wear almost anything on court and look good.

    I love when we get to see the other players together off-court. Rafa and Kim seem to really get along. I think that’s totally cute. I don’t know why, but sometimes I think that people like to imply that RF has very few friends on tour, but from what I gather it seems that he gets along with most of the other players. I wonder who his best friend is…….. 😛

    His hair was perfect last year at Roland Garros, I don’t like when it’s too long (whole 2008 season) or too short (AO 2009) so Rog, start growing it.

    • pban says :

      You know I once heard an anecdote about Roger , in 2005 WTF Gaudio and Nalby literally pulled out the rug from under his feet and collapsed laughing at his startled expression when Rog landed on his butt,Feddy too laughed albeit a little sheepishly. Forget about laughing ,just imagine any peer trying this joke with any of the past no.1s.It will be different with the younger lot as they probably feel a little awestruck but his contemporaries have always remarked on how he has never changed his attitude with them.BestFriends are made when you are ayoung kid so they are probably Allegro Marco Severin,on tour Ithink Henman, Koubek,Hrbaty were pretty close.Marat was special too.

  12. judy says :

    i like his hair right now. it’s adorable! still waiting for nike to put him in green!

  13. breadstix says :

    I would usually be mourning the loss of hair, but doesn’t he look gorgeous?!
    Aahh, come back Roger. Can’t wait to see you again. ❤

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