Miami: It’s like comparing oranges and some fruit from Ecuador.

1. There were two Roger Federers on court today in Miami. Citrus Fed – fresh, tangy, reeling off backhand winners and serving smoothly.

And then there was Federpumpkin, framing balls high into the air and setting up points beautifully before netting the final blow. Oh Ferd, turd is still turd, dressed in orange or not.

Luckily for us, there was more citrus and less pumpkin at the end of the day, and Fed came through smoothly against Lapanties, 6-3 6-3.

I thought the ball was flying quite a bit actually, which I was sort of surprised about, because in the practices I thought it was always very sort of humid and it was hard to get something out of the ball.

All of a sudden I was trying to generate pace on the ball and the thing would fly off my racquet like I couldn’t believe. So I had to play a bit more safe and not go for at lines as much.

All of a sudden the court becomes this big, you know. It’s tricky, but tried a few different things on the return as well. But when you start doing that, that also makes you a bit unsure.

And I think today I came through because I served very well. I had a good start into basically all my service games. I always knew I was gonna have a couple of chances at least on the return games.

I was able to have a good record on breakpoint conversions, and I think that’s what won me the match today.

2. While Roger was able to rely – ironically – on his breakpoint conversion and citrus backhands to come through, there was no such luck for Mandy.

After claiming Roger’s scalp in Indian Wells a couple of years back, Farty Dish struck again – this time, dispatching Murray in straight sets, 6-4 6-4.

From what I saw of the match with hindsight, Mandy looked rather subdued, sending loopy balls over the net which Farty punished with aggression.

Farty’s win ensured Rafa a No 3 spot post-Miami, within striking distance of Nole. But for Murray, he finds himself back at No 4 and in a rough patch.

Last week was poor, too. You know, it’s not been great since Australia.

You know, I need to needed to find a way to get round it, and I’m sure I will. I’ve gone through bad patches before, and I just need to practice hard, work hard, and get stronger. I’m sure I’ll start playing better again.

But the last few weeks haven’t been the best.

Q. Do you think a change of surface, especially on the clay, might actually be what you need now, a switch of direction?

No. I think it’s just I need to get my mind right; I need to get focused again. You know, when I do that, my game will get better again. That’s for sure.

Q. Any reason why it goes away? I mean, is it frustrating?

No, I don’t know. That’s something I need to sort out myself. It’s purely down to me, what goes on inside my head. No one else can, you know, make that better or change it, you know. You need to do that yourself.

Doesn’t matter how well you practice. You know, you need to be tough in the matches. I need to get better, you know, mentally, because since Australia where I was great in all of the matches, I’ve been poor.

For Roger, Nole and Mandy’s loss provided him reasons to be happy. Not only has he secured the No 1 spot until Roland Garros, he’s also found some satisfaction in the success of an old pal.

“Mardy Fish, he beat me at Indian Wells once handily. He’s a dangerous player. You always know he can create an upset.

But at the same time, Murray is defending champion here. I didn’t expect any upsets from, you know, Fish or Rochus, but both been able to do it.

Rochus I’m obviously extremely happy. I won junior Wimbledon doubles with him, so we go way back.

For those secretly hoping that Fed will take a last-minute wild card into Monte Carlo, it doesn’t seem very likely.

Q. You don’t play Monte Carlo, but you will play Estoril. It will be three tournaments a row Rome, Estoril, and Madrid. Any special reason for that?

ROGER FEDERER: I always look at the schedule, what’s the best preparation for the French Open? What am I in the mood to do? What am I in the mood to play?

Monaco is not a mandatory event anymore. It gives us a bit of an option. Of course, there’s a lot of points there to go get, but it’s really early in the season.

It’s too early for me, and I also want to have some vacation, you know, after a long trip here in the States so I’m really fresh for the long trip really from Rome until Wimbledon.

It’s a long one, and I want to be refreshed till the very end of Wimbledon, you know, not that I get tired midway or something, so I need to plan clever and healthy. I believe that this is the right schedule this year.

Tis a pity. Apart from being a points-bonanza, Monte Carlos also happens to be my favourite clay court tournament, now most likely unattended by my favourite player.

On the women’s side of things, Kuzzy sailed past Agi Szavay with surprising ease, while Ana Ivano could do no more than push Aga in a 57 57 loss. Other seeds, Wickmayer (def Martic), Bartoli (def Dulko) and Hantuchova (def Petrova) all came through in straight sets, while Venus – sporting a corset inspired bodycon dress – dispatched Roberta Vinci with vehemence – 61 64 – despite struggling a little with her serve.

With Serena out of the picture, is it too early to start looking at the other Williams?

xx doots


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16 responses to “Miami: It’s like comparing oranges and some fruit from Ecuador.”

  1. madhurdutta says :

    I like Roger’s tee. I might buy it!
    With Djokovic and Murray out, it is surely gonna be likely that we may see a Nadal vs Roger final, which would be awesome, as its been just about a year since we have seen one.
    Overall, I am really enjoying the tennis since the past two weeks.

  2. breadstix says :

    Ya can’t polish a turd, but you can roll it in… citrus? Hah. I shudder to think what would have happened had Feddy drawn Fishy instead of Lapanties. Some of his shots were completely AWOL but he’s through I guess. And 100% bp conversion! :O

    It almost feels like Ana’s doing a Gulbiscuit. :/

    • FortuneCookie says :

      To me,it almost feels like Ana’s doing a Nikki V :/ I hate to be harsh but it so wouldn’t shock me if she ends up retiring within the next couple of years…

    • dootsiez says :

      Hey hey, Ana was No 1 in the world. Gulbiscuit has yet to make top 30. 😛

  3. FortuneCookie says :

    Seeing the highlights Fed didn’t play a great match,but a win’s a win,and for some reason I still think he’s gonna win this week!Really not sure about the shirt though,colour’s great but the collar (or lack of)just doesn’t look right to me!

    Not as bad as Venus’,sorry to anyone who looks like it,but it just looks like she invaded Aravane Rezai’s/a Moulin Rouge employee’s wardrobe…

    • pban says :

      Same here with the collar, I had the the feeling Feddy didn’t like it either. He looked uncomfortable with the top button open and yet buttoning it would have choked him.I have a similar tee and I keep buttoning and unbuttoning it.The neckline looks stiff too ….colour is a nice change but I am ok wth blue as long as it isn’t Ferd the turd who shows up in it.

    • dootsiez says :

      I don’t mind the collar, it’s something different. He did get a little fiddly with it during the match. Think he found it a little stiff.

  4. Jack says :

    I like the orange tee! Its good to see something different from what he usually wears.

    Not so sure what to make of those forehand shanks but at least his backhand was looking good. And 100% bp conversion! – we don’t see that every day 🙂

    As for Murray, something is definitely wrong when you lose to Mardy Fish. I still count Roger’s loss to him as one of his worst, and probably most embarrassing, losses of his career.

    And poor Ivanovic. I used to hate her back in 2008 but now I feel sorry for her. Its sad to see her slip down the rankings as for me, she is more talented than some people in the top 10 at the moment.

  5. flo says :

    Go Nadal? If it gets him closer to no. 2 I’d rather he win this than Federer. Then again, Rafa has many many many points to defend on Clay up to the French. 3 titles and a final?

    • dootsiez says :

      I ain’t worried about the clay season. Since when has Rafa finished a clay season WITHOUT something like 3 titles and a final?

  6. sita says :

    I hope Fed gets his act together before the Berdych match.
    Orange tee is ok but the turquoise he was wearing at the post match interview was something else !
    Oh Mandy ! I developed a soft spot for him like a few other Fed fans after his speech at the AO ceremony. Seems like he is still devastated by that loss.

  7. grace says :

    I like his shirt, he looks so nice….hope he plays better next match, as it´s said: “today we win tomorrow we play”.
    Doots i´m not receiving your posts and i´m suscribed to your blog, what´s the reason?

  8. jfK says :

    Ah citrus Fed, so edible.

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