Newsreel: Guess who?

1. Playing her first tournament since the Australian Open, Serena scored a straight-sets victory over Timea Bacsinszky, 76(2) 61, followed by a slight struggle, 62 36 60, against Andrea Petkovic, who put up a more than respectable effort.

By the way, what’s with Serena’s 5 minute “gossip sessions” at the net these days? What the hail girl? You’re Serena Williams, you really don’t need to be nice to the minions.



2. NINJAAAAA. Somehow the slits work in black.

Also returning from injury, Venus had no trouble dismissing Nutty Patty and Shahar Peer both in straight sets. With her wins being so straight-forward, conversation during the press conference turned unnecessarily to the topic of retirement, with Venus dismissing the idea given her recent results.

“Well, when I’m feeling rotten and no good at tennis then I’ll say to myself ‘get out of here’. But on this wave of wins there is no real need for me to think about quitting. We’ll see.”

Acapulco aside, it is a fact universally acknowledged that the Williamses aren’t well known for their clay-court prowess. But with the fall of other seeds such as Lena Dee, Vika, Carol, Sveta and DinaRICK in Rome, I wonder if Serena and Vee, with their inherent killer instincts, smell a chance just around the corner.

Venus has such a ridiculously beautiful body, just sayin’, but she really does.



3. Sharpen those knives, feast on the carcasses. The “World No 2” crashed out of Rome yesterday, losing in straight sets to my beloved MJMS, whose incessant drop shots were so filled with stealth that she really ought to be arrested.



4. The competition hasn’t been kind to the locals – ARad spared Roberta Vinci just one game in a 6-1 6-0 win over the Italian (before losing to Mrs Birdy), likewise CWoz trounced wild card Maria Elena Camerin before going down to my beloved. Flavs and Franny both crashed out in straight sets second round.

Expectations raised, expectations crucified. It’s like Wimbledon, but for the Italians.



5. When you have nothing more to lose, the only way to go is up. Ana Ivanovic “upset” Vika and Demmy to score her first top 10 victories in … yonks.

Nevermind Vika and Demmy played stale and listless tennis, wins like these matter little for merit, but they matter hugely for morale.

And is there a more demoralised player than Ana Ivanovic in women’s tennis?

I don’t club baby seals for sport, no matter how much I may or may not dislike baby seals. Not when Ivanovic fans are developing something akin to the battered woman syndrome these days anyway.

Good job Ana. She has a doable section of the draw to the final. That said, the minute something becomes ‘doable’ for Miss Muffin is the minute it snaps out of her reach.

xx doots

PS: oh yeah, some guy won a match in Estoril. No biggie.

I mean … It’s not like I’m having his babies or anything.


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4 responses to “Newsreel: Guess who?”

  1. TopSpin says :

    Seriously for a premier five event, one attended by 9 of the current top 10 (is that right?), including both Williamses and a bunch of other former champions, no one seems very bothered about Rome this year – not least the fans – I’ve yet to see a match attended by more than about 15 people.

    Don’t get it.

    Today’s qfs feature the Williamses, Jelena/Ana, and a variety of other talent not least of which is MJMS – likely the best lefty in womens tennis today.

    That’s all the tiers of tennis represented right there. When was the last time that happened?

    I’m rooting for Ana, Jelena and Venus, though it’s a lot more open than that. The hung parliament I’ll likely wake up to tomorrow

    • dootsiez says :

      Re attendance – was at the AO women’s semifinal, Rod Laver was about 80% full, which isn’t bad, until you find out that about 100 people lined up outside RLA during Federer’s first round match, willing to pay the full price to watch a set if a spare seat came up, and *still* couldn’t get a seat.

      But that’s nothing compared to the WTA Championships in Doha last year – 90% empty stadiums.

      It was depressing to see Carol collapse in pain with so much passion, yet no one cares.

  2. Jack says :

    I don’t really like Ana. So its hard for me to get excited, or even care, that she has won THREE matches.
    And I’m not buying into this “she’s back” talk yet. Lets see how she does at RG first.

    I’m not an Ana hater though. Just know I’m never gonna be a fan of her. She’s just too…..fluffy.I mean, I’m a huge fan of Maria, and Maria and Ana are polar opposites, so I think that says it all.

    I am becoming a fan of Serena again though. Really missed her game whilst she was gone and hope she (or Venus) win this.

    And I’m thinking that guy likes Fed……a lot! Just a hunch though 😀

  3. jfk says :

    I like Ana, but I’ll never cheer for her against my Maria. It’s good she’s back and into the semis…I’m just still wondering about how she will perform at the slams.

    And so jealous of that Fed fan. Awww.

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