Question not Maria Sharapova’s commitment to tennis. Declining an invitation to attend the MET Gala for the second year in a row, Maria Sharapova is back on court in (what looks like) Madrid, practicing ahead of the French Open.


But what’s the deal with the racket?



5 responses to “Picspam: YOU GUYS! THE COW IS BACK ON ICE!”

  1. Jack says :

    Hurray!!! Love Maria!!! Clay Season isn’t the most confident time for us fans though! 🙂

    But just glad she’s back. Hopefully the elbow had fully healed and that will be the last of her injury woes!

    And if she goes on an Ana-esque run in Madrid next week, that I’ll get excited about that!…..(actually, i hope that doesn’t get misintepreted 😀 )

    Also, what’s wrong with the racket??

  2. jfk says :

    The racket is the same, it just doesn’t have the prince logo in the middle.
    Go Maria, Go. Girl needs her confidence back and her serve. I get so scared when she double faults.

    • dootsiez says :

      Oh really? I was like “hang on, that is not a Prince racket. Maria Sharapova are you cheating on your Prince?!”

      • judy says :

        if she did cheat, then maybe kolya would have a chance at some prince co $ love! stringer must have been slacking off, no paint job on the strings. 🙂

        i love her practice outfit. must look into that. nice to see her back on clay. she’s improved on the surface over the years. womens tennis needs her back!

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