Picket Fence Vid: People like this exist in the world for one reason…

They make the rest of us look so sane.

I can laugh, but if Roger Federer ever ‘touched me’, I’d consider it a papal blessing.

… I really shouldn’t have put “touched me” in inverted commas.

xx doots



9 responses to “Picket Fence Vid: People like this exist in the world for one reason…”

  1. Jack says :

    Wow, his wife must be very understanding 😀

    I like the way he says “this is the best day of my life”…..erm, what about your wedding day?!

    Oh, and thanks doots, now I have the image of Andre Agassi dressed as Pamela Anderson etched into my brain!!!

  2. LJ says :

    you know when I got my autograph at AO2010? The chick next to me, part of the RF brigade stuck her hand out and got a handshake…everyone was like OMFG ROGER TOUCHED YOU, NEVER WASH YOUR HAND AGAIN.


    I have to say I was pretty giddy I got inside his personal bubble like, my head was 30cm away from his chest…

  3. breadstix says :

    LOL. Although I do wonder whether given the chance, we’d all act just the slightest bit like him. :”)
    Particularly hilarious: ‘here’s me, here’s him, here’s me, here’shimhere’smehere–‘

  4. judy says :

    ok this is person is scary crazy, but hilarious.

    i walked right by him and mirka on the street in nyc on my bday a few years ago and it was so surreal i didn’t stop to say hello. i was in disbelief. still wish i said hello b/c that was before he became GOAT. i have also had him walk right by me at a promo event. i didn’t say a word. too nervous. he is taller than you think, broad shouldered and dreamy. very friendly too.

    i love the idea of doots accidentally falling into him. one day lady, one day! and then you’ll be done.

    • BS says :

      Wow, that must have been the best birthday present you could have gotten! Lucky thing, he walked past you 😛

      I don’t know how I would react if I saw him. Probably a mixture of disbelief and hysterity. Hopefully I’ll have an opportunity to find out…

      • judy says :

        i was all dressed up for my bday too and had a camera. would have been so perfect! even just shaking his hand, telling him how awesome he is would have been fantastic. i could have wished him good luck defending his uso title. my husband did not realize who it was right away and the confusion delayed my reaction. at least when nike had that special website for wimby ’09 when he was about to break the slam record, i shared my story and said hi to rog. i’ll imagine he read my message. he was also in jeans and a white button down shirt that day looking pretty great. i love casual rog. 🙂 i hope you meet him one day!

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