Miami Players Party: Y/N

Sometimes, a mighty, barf-inducing PICSPAM is the only appropriate thing to do. So indulge me, if you could, in a simple game of Yes/No, Yay/Nay, Oui/Non … UNF/URGH!

Well, they say a picture paints a thousand words, so I shall say no more. It’s Miami, it’s tennistical, and IT IS A FASHION-DISASTUHHHH.










Isn’t it refreshing when a teenager dresses like a teenager? Did Laura Robson get the memo?


Hello, I am Sweet Caroline and I just crawled out of a cabbage patch.


First and last time I’ll say this about Ferrer…


Just the clothes. I swear.


hang on


udderly awesome




(Watermarked photos courtesy of Tennis Panorama)


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15 responses to “Miami Players Party: Y/N”

  1. breadstix says :

    “Where’s Wogie?” — I’d happily play that game. All. Day. Hahaha, fantastic.
    Ah, and I’d say JJ’s ensemble is probably the worst. 😦

  2. Christie says :

    Ha ha, am new to your website, fashion police ala joan rivers style 🙂 …Seriously where is Roger, busy with diaper duty again?

  3. ovoorigo says :

    hahaha… oh how i want to play where’s wogie….

    i think daniela hantuchova is the most yes from the girls that i’ve seen at this player party ….

  4. jb (chocolate FTW) says :

    when I see Caro dressed up, I realize why she wears such fugly court attire. her taste really IS all in her mouth.

  5. A_Gallivant says :


  6. sharon says :

    Why is Kuzzy wearing a doily as a skirt??? @@

  7. abrnyc says :

    NO NO NO!
    doots, come on that T-SHIRT is Reeeedonkulus!
    his poor girl should have stopped that mess before he left… and yes, he is still a douche no matter what he wears…

    oh Roger… show them all how it’s done!

  8. Lady B Good. says :

    Wogie! Yes, Yes, Yes, yes, yes! When Lady B saw Wogie F, got palpitations, my BP just went UP!
    Good Luck in Miami Wogie COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. oracle86 says :

    OMG! That pic of Rog just screamed DON DRAPERRRRRRR!

    Yummy. 🙂

  10. sharon says :

    Doots… are you saying that pic of Roger is orgasmic??? I say yes…Yes and YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!

  11. Lady B Good. says :

    YES YES YES! The three sexiest guys on the planet, Our Roger, John Hamm, David Duchovny.

  12. Katarina_YYZ says :

    Meh. I’m sick of the slouchy look (group shot). I like Safarova’s dress. If I had a great athlete body, i’d make sure people could see it. If you’re not hiding a fatty roll between your boobs and your hips, why wear a slouchy top?

  13. dari says :

    nice to see these pics! i had seen maria’s outfit somewhere, and thought- “well, maria, how very fashion forward of you to be able to mix print with stripes”
    i like jj’s outfit, just not the hair, face, and makeup.
    feli lopeth gets better every time i see him!
    i saw the top of sveta’s and said “first lady sweater” but the the short skirt makes it youthful! i like it.
    luuuuv berdych, even if it is casual. he is such a model in my opinion.
    jo-w, yeeeeesssss!
    daveeed looks great with that lovely lady next to him.
    and from where and when is that roger shot?
    THANKS for the picspam.
    its gonna be a great tourney!

  14. Matt Zemek says :

    Let’s hope that unlike Don Draper/Jon Hamm, Federer won’t be delayed until late 2011/early 2012.

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