Fashionistas in France

I’m never in the mood for much actual tennis in the first few days of a grand slam. And how can I be? I’m too busy checking out what everyone is wearing! In any case, I consider it a better use of time than meaningless analysis over early round matches. And here are some of the highlights (and lowlights) of the last 3 days. 


Diatchenko impresses

Not only did Vitalia Diatchenko save a total of 10 match points in her 62 26 10-8 win over Mathilde Johansson, she did so in style, showing us what Maria Sharapova’s Aussie Open dress would’ve looked like had she been able to wear it. It would’ve looked much better than the slip dress she’s wearing now.




Bluebird JJ

I thought I would love JJ’s bluebird dress. Turns out I don’t. I don’t hate it either. But it must be said that it’s one of the better ones out there – well-fitted, interesting without bordering ridiculousness. (see my last two posts on examples of ridiculousness).



Bertrand Guay/AFP/Getty Images


Still the Glamour Gal

As I mentioned in my previous post, Maria Kirilenko has been sent packing by the Aussie wildcard Olivia Rogowska overnight. Her tennis might’ve gone downhill, but MariKiri is still one of the best dressed women on tour in this simple but flawless white and purple outfit from the Adidas by Stella McCartney range. Small comfort for her I’m sure.


3566125519_188f0356a9Clive Brunskill/Getty Images


Someone explain to me why Adidas is so lazy? They have arguably the prettiest girl in tennis, instead of giving her swarovski crystal embedded dresses a la Nike and Sharapova, Adidas gives Ivanovic two shoddy designs a year and vary the colour in between. Worst dress ever, but slightly better in blue than purple for the sole reason that this shade of blue distracts me from the actual fit of the dress more than the purple.


3566961866_3b3335ab87PATRICK KOVARIK/AFP/Getty Images


Move over, the Queen is here. 

Here’s looking at you, Queen Vee. Totally divine in a green, yellow and white print dress. I’ll be honest – having missed Venus’s match live, I saw a picture of the dress first and wasn’t too impressed. But when I actually watched the dress in action, it struck me as so Venus, in a fresh, summery, Parisien way. Classy.


3566131869_ca2ed774efPhoto by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images


Err, move over again. The 90s are back!

At least for Victoria Azarenka, who was sporting a retro headband. Does it remind you of anyone in particular? Clickey!

Not sure where the pink shoes come in though, since her jacket was yellow. Nike seems to be making a mess of all the random colours. 




Taking a break from the girls for a second, it appears that Juan Martin del Potro has stolen what Rafael Nadal should’ve been wearing at Roland Garros instead of his current psychedelic horror. Lookin’ even better with two eye brows!


3566963148_89027b8926AP Photo/Bernat Armague


Low-light of the tournament so far goes unfortunatelly to Zheng Jie. I’m not quite sure what Anta tried to do there – I think they wanted to create a bit of a traditional Chinese feel with the collar. Don’t understand the strange fit and the tassels, which appear to serve no practical purpose. Epic fail.





Her compatriot Li Na looked better in the standard Nike issue. No frills, no colour palette malfunction. Simple, fitted, classy – thank you very much. Here’s to something from Nike that I actually like at Roland Garros this year (excluding Roger and Azarenka’s outfits).




Might update with Hantuchova and Serena goodies later. Right now, Roland Garros is frying my brain with sleep deprivation. Tada my friends. 

xx dootsiez



EDIT// never-mind, apparently sleep is overrated. 


Daniela wearing the exact same thing as Azarenka, only with a visor. Looking fab, but we won’t get to see much of it, as she was just bundled out of the tournament by Virginie Razzano.



And Serena Serena! Looking fierce and stylish. That’s how you do “colourful”. Now go teach Rafa!


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One response to “Fashionistas in France”

  1. freakyfrites says :

    Hi dootsiez! Glad to see we’re in agreement on Venus! And I so agree with the boring Adidas duds. Why oh why don’t they put her in the Stella stuff??? Maria Kirilenko is very pretty, but she’s hardly ever on t.v. Sighhhhh.

    I like Potito’s Le Coq tee today. . .but he lost so I’m not bothering to update. . .

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