Picspam: Yes Roger. That was the look on my face during the fifth set.

With Federer pulling out of doubles due to exhaustion/jetlag/cbf-ness, the Swiss lost in doubles to the Italians in straight sets.

Roger was not amused.



Either that, or Myla, Charlene and/or Mirka kept him up all night.


Reuters strikes again! REUTERS/Giampiero Sposito


No Mirka sighting, but Stan’s Concubine was there for moral support. 



Either that, or she enjoys the Wawa/Chiuchiu eyecandy.


REUTERS/Giampiero Sposito


In other Davis Cup news, Spain and the Czech Republic set up their finale clash with respective 3-0 wins over Israel and the Croatia

As always you can depend on Feliciano Lopez to supply us with plenty of pony-riding, manwich-making, homoerotic LOLs. 






Don’t ever change, boys. 

Equally dependable to induce “headdesks” and “facepalms”, the Worm subjected us to a strip tease after he and Berdych sealed the deal in doubles to put the Czechs in the Davis Cup final for the third time in history.




Just in case you didn’t know what Radek’s monkey face looked like…




So who the hell is going to defeat the Spaniards? Just don’t see them losing. 


xx doots


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9 responses to “Picspam: Yes Roger. That was the look on my face during the fifth set.”

  1. JFK says :

    I just want Roger to win tomorrow and go home and sleep for a week straight. He looks exhausted. And Stan’s concubine is so lucky. She gets a kiss on the cheek from Roger. Yum.

  2. Sarah says :

    Btw Czech Republic beat Croatia, not themselves …

  3. pban says :

    he looks drained ,what sort of a ridiculous scheduling is this. why did they delay the us open series by a week. they used to have a 2 week gap between the us open and the davis cup before this new ATP calendar was introduced.

    • dootsiez says :

      I don’t think the US Open series was delayed – it started early last year because of the Olympics. But the Davis Cup should not be the week after the US Open. That’s ridiculous.

      Same with the quarterfinals which were played just after French Open/Wimbledon, resulting in 3 best-of-5 tournaments in 8 weeks. The schedule for DC needs to change.

      • pban says :

        doots if you remember correctly the us open always started on the second last monday of august with the finals being played on the first sunday in september.The same with AO, i know because i compared it with my schedule in the hospital which has remained unchanged in the last 2 years.…so this davis cup roster where you play 5 days after a slam is another one of those baffling innovations by ATP and ITF to improve the tennis calendar!!!

  4. Tashi says :

    Roger needs some nap time, ASAP.

    Also, I’m rooting for Team BirdWorm just because of the titanic effort they put in to get to this final. They totally deserve to win the whole thing.

    5 layer Spanish man-wich! Yes please!

    • dootsiez says :

      It would take some divine inspiration for BirdWorm to win I’m afraid. It may happen – the Czechs are a proud bunch, and I’ve heard some pretty cozy stuff said about their camaraderie as a group on tour. Perhaps that’ll be motivation enough for them to win. But I’m with you – they almost deserve it after such an amazing effort.

  5. breadstix says :

    Don’t blame Rog for being exhausted. I second everything that’s been said about the crazy DC schedule and whatnot, cramming everything together like this is just craaazy. Team Suisse is totally full of eye candy… 😉

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