Simon Reedism: the Kiss of Death.

Good news Federer fans, Simon Reed has picked Murray and Djokovic as favourites for the WTFs. Poor Nole, he was just starting to look okay. 

And bless Reed, he starts with a groundbreaking statement:


I’m pretty convinced that form is key for an event like the World Tour Finals.


Yer think? 

And much like Obama’s press conferences in China, Simon Reedism is all about the art of saying a lot and at the same time – saying nothing at all. 


Federer has an uncanny ability to raise his game when he needs to but he does need to, I think, at this stage if he is to win the tournament.


Hmmm, let’s see: Roger has the ability to raise his game when he needs to but he needs to raise his game


Quite aside from these strange ramblings, the more interesting question is why on earth was this guy hired in the first place? If you can’t give any semi-logical insights to tennis, then at least write prose poetry.

Make your work so elegant, so inspiring and witty that I won’t give a fuck about whether you’re right or wrong.

But instead, Simon Reed gave us this rant: 


[After talking about Djokovic topping Group B] I can’t really pick a second for Group B. I don’t think it’ll be Robin Soderling but it could be Nikolay Davydenko. It depends on Nadal really; he might well get second and qualify.

You really don’t know how Davydenko is going to play until he gets on the court and Soderling is really up and down as well. The Swede has a good record against Nadal but on this surface I’m not sure he can beat him.

If he serves like he did in Paris, who knows. But I definitely have Djokovic to win the group and I think it’ll be close between the others – I expect some very close matches.


Insightful, quality writing – now that’s Pulitzer-winning journalism, and you can read it in its craptastic entirety here.



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8 responses to “Simon Reedism: the Kiss of Death.”

  1. TopSpin says :

    Ok here’s the thing.

    Simon Reed isn’t actually a bad commentator – in fact he quite often makes a lot of sense.

    And I can’t hate on him for backing Murray. (Though I do sometimes suspect that some of his Reedisms are a carefully planned strategy at increasing levels of bile, sorry traffic, to

    But getting him to blog has proven to be an all round fail. I’m wondering how long it will take for Eurosport to realise this. Maybe they don’t care

    You would have thought the contempt he now regularly receives not just as comments would have caused someone somewhere to smell the coffee.

    Two words. No credibility.

    • dootsiez says :

      Hey Topspin,

      I do agree, Simon Reed’s not a bad commentator, so it shocked me more than anything to read some of the crap he writes because it gave him a completely different voice to the one I know.

      And you know what? I don’t think Eurosport cares how much crap his writing receives. He’s tennis is version of a shock jock, credibility is not an issue, as long as it generates attention.

  2. Jack says :

    You got it right, regarding the kiss of death. His jinx-o-meter is off the charts.

    Plus, aren’t Journalists meant to be a bit inpartial towards their writing? I mean, he doesn’t nothing to hide his love for murray and whats wierd is that any article, no matter who it starts with him talking about, always ends up being about murray.

    Anway, maybe he’s just so crap a journalist that he has to write something “controversial” so that it gets people talking.

    Plus he does work for eurosport, who also hires Anabel Croft, so i don’t think we should expect spellbindy insightful pieces from him

  3. JFK says :

    Novak’s fans are gonna be pissed.
    I love how he says “I would say Murray’s the favourite in Group A.”. Yes, he would say that. Murray is always the favorite for him and he always loses.

  4. GRACE says :

    I think S.Reed is a member of the Andy M. fan club,is a very biased journalist.When did Reed ever get a prediction rigth?
    He´s love for Murray is a bit strange to be honest…

  5. Liz says :

    I love the fury of the commenters on his blog. Which is why I think he is doing it — he gets a lot of readers who are coming there to jump on him, which equals lots of site traffic. But you are right, Topspin, ultimately it undermines his overall credibility as a sports journalist.

    His thoughts about Group B are really hilarious. Well, it could be Davydenko, but maybe it will be Soderling. It all depends on Nadal. Brilliant!

  6. FortuneCookie says :

    Just read this in the News of The World (it’s a horrible uber trashy paper,and the only one left to read when I was in a cafe this morning 😉 )
    it’s by Andy Dunn (so yeah,BIG tennis journo!),who I’m thinking is Simon Reed under a pseudonym?
    “Ahead of this weeks season-ending Masters tournament in London,Roger Federer took another dig at Andy Murray and his defensive style of play.Am I alone in believing that Federer is not quite as complete a gentleman as portrayed?
    After all,without a mean streak,he wouldn’t be the great champion that he is.”
    Soooooo you tear him down for being ‘mean’ (and the headline is ‘Sly Roger’),but then,turn that into a backhanded compliment?Oohkay then…
    This is the same guy who managed to actually say that Fed was ‘taunting’ and ‘bullying’ Andy before Wimbledon lol!

    • dootsiez says :

      LOL! Sheesh, the person who wrote that was pretty insecure. You know the British tabloids make the Aus ones look like non-BS. That’s something. I’ve never actually seen an Aus paper have a go at Roger. They’re more likely to take a piss at Lleyton.

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