Picspam: Newly Weds.

Sania and her hubby attended their wedding reception in Pakistan. Nothing to it, except she looks like the Bollywood princess of my imagination.

Unfortunately, the drama hasn’t stopped stalking the pair: they had to leave their own wedding reception early as wedding crashers put their security at risk.

The pair’s decision to cash in on the media rights to their one of many receptions also angered many in their home countries.

Two petitions were filed in Pakistani courts against hubby Shoaib for violating government rules on wedding receptions: apparently, you’re not supposed to serve more than one dish at marriage functions and or hold such functions past 10 p.m.

Geez louise.

Another petitioner by the name of Safdar Ali filed the court, alleging that he was barred from attending the reception in honour of Shoaib and Sania even though he had bought an invitation card for Rs 15,000.

What and what?

xx doots


2 responses to “Picspam: Newly Weds.”

  1. TopSpin says :

    Waayy back in the nineties (perhaps before), Pakistan passed a law limiting the length and pomp of such wedding receptions which, it was decided, were beyond the means of the masses (some of whom were in dire poverty), and therefore not conducive to the kind of equitable society they were supposedly aspiring to.

    I do question whether such socialist motives really were at the heart of it but don’t otherwise know very much about how it came about and the prevailing political climate at the time.

    Since then (I’m told) it’s application is mostly selective depending of course on how well-connected the family in question is and whether or not they can persuade the authorties to turn a blind eye by other monetary means.

  2. Warwick360 says :

    “you’re not supposed to serve more than one dish at marriage functions and or hold such functions past 10 p.m”….good on mirza for breaking the rules…..

    You can’t call it a wedding recpetion without two of those things……..

    And the guy who bought the wedding card must be one heck of a loser to think that he’d get an entry.

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