Picspam: I am watching you.

Oh yeth Mr Cone. Nothing escapes the shaded eyes of Severin Luthi.


Many thanks to fellow Federbitch Sabine, who was on-site to take these beautiful photographs today/yesterday. In her own words, Roger was “focused and training really hard” …


… and clutching his man-ovaries after being PUNCHED BY HIS OWN AWESOMENESS, of course.


Oh yeah, his practice partner, who stole Rafa’s knees just for the occasion.


And is that Thierry Henry I spy there? Move over Tiger. Woger McFed could write a rad bromance without you.


More pics!





Merci Sabine. Did Monkey show?

xx doots


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5 responses to “Picspam: I am watching you.”

  1. A_Gallivant says :

    So sad, missed the one practice I really wanted to see. These pics are gorgeous. Largest crowd by far for Rog’s training session.

  2. Sharon says :

    Love your blog Doots!
    And its just been confirmed on… Roger and Paul are officially a couple!!!

  3. fedfreak says :

    Thanks for the pics Doots……your blog is one of the highlights of my tennis fandom. Keep up the good work beotch!!

  4. jfK says :

    Thanks for the pics!
    So glad Federcone is finally official 😛 Going steady!

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