Picket-Fence Vid (by PJ): Oh, you little fashionista, you.

Roger talks about fashion – colours, style, suits, MATERIALS…I don’t know about the rest of you, but I find him to endearingly adorkable to the MAX in this video.

Red..border red…wow, there’s a difference between “red” and “border red”? Clearly I’m a fail fashionista compared to Federpants! (Edit: Thanks Lulu and Caliope – apparently he said “bordeaux red” which made more sense…but I still can’t tell the difference betweeen “red” and “bordeaux red”) And I find this part to be quite giggle-worthy:

RF: At the French Open, I feel like a polo is nice than a T-shirt…

Q: Does it help you to play better, to be well-dressed?

RF: Oh I think so, I think it makes you feel better…[insert Nike plug]

Love that little marketing-like plug for Nike about the oh-so-excellent material that soaks up all the sweat. Hey, Roger, I’ll soak up your sweat for you anyday, just so you know.


Also, if you want to offer something to the fans, here’s a suggestion: Go shirtless. And pantless.

Enjoy the Federer fashion!

– PJ


About PJ

I'm a tennis nut. Loves watching and freaking out over tennis, and as of late, writing about tennis. As a player though, I'm terrible. My other interests includes reading (pretty much will give any genre a go), checking out films, crafting (making cards, scrapbooking etc), eating/food (specifically searching for the perfect chendol outside Malaysia). I'm also trying to find my own perfect corner in this world!

6 responses to “Picket-Fence Vid (by PJ): Oh, you little fashionista, you.”

  1. cyn2887 says :

    hahaha!! “border red” is a colour?? wth??? isnt border red ‘red colur at the border!! count on roger to teach us sumtin in fashion!!! n yes i totally agree with your sugesstion: go shirtless go pantless!!! either way LESSER THE BETTER Roger!!!! (except titles ofcourse!)

    as for the suit…i like the way he asks the reporter as if to gage wt ppl think!! NAUGHTY ROGER!!! xoxo

  2. Lulu says :

    Only 35 suits. instead of 60.. okay! See, he is not *really* extravagant. I just noticed his shorts have a little red piping on the pocket – cute detail!

    About “border” red – I do believe he’s saying ‘bordeaux red’. Whatever, it looks amazing on it. 🙂

  3. Lulu says :

    Apparently I can’t type. I meant *he looks amazing in it*.

  4. writersbleedink says :

    Roger, go green! 😀 Haha, I’m just kidding. But that was that tweener? I forgot about it!

  5. Caroline Paquin says :

    Metrosexual, fashionista, what is he not? 🙂 Nice vid!

  6. caliope says :

    yes, i guess he said bordeaux red! He would look cool in anything

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