Newsreel: In case you weren’t cheery enough…

1. Pete Bodo really wanted to cheer up the Federer gang, it seems. Or yer know … send them into mass hysteria. (clickey, if you’re up for it.)

I say “them”, because I’ve clearly picked myself up off the ground. Once you’ve seen Fed lose to Farty Dish, you’ve seen everything. What else can you do? Frazzle. Freak out. Put on a pug-face and wait for good things around the corner.

My guy’s 28, uninjured, 16-slammed and No 1 in the world. Could be better, could be a lot worse. That, my Fedophiles, is called Federfan Zen. *ommmmmm*



2. On to more cheerful matters… Australia’s successfully through to the World Group play-offs. Dear Draw Gods – SUI v AUS – MAKE. IT. HAPPEN.



3. Maria Jose Martinez Sanchez, you added superlatives to my day.

Drop shots, volleys, delicious leftiness, one of the smoother serves on the WTA tour. Having only discovered MariHo at the Hopman Cup this year, I’m somewhat late to the bandwagon, but then again, she’s a later bloomer, coming back from a long sabbatical after quitting tennis to take up coaching in her mid-20s.

The comeback was worth it, just for this. Great for the women’s game to see a seasoned, intelligent player defeat a generation of baseline prototypes for a Premier 5. Nothing against the Wozniackis of the tour, but tennis played at different rhythms, varying pace, at the net – it’s a beautiful thing.

And of course, welcome to a career high of 19 my darling. Would you say no to a little picspam?


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9 responses to “Newsreel: In case you weren’t cheery enough…”

  1. Jack says :

    Thats true, things could be a lot worse right now!

    You could be a Masha Fan……oh wait, I AM!!! 😦

    • dootsiez says :

      I am too! But Im okay about the loss, mainly since I expected it. Maria hasn’t played since IW, coming back from injury and Lucie’s been playing well.

  2. raindelaysplay says :

    Oh, oh, she bit the trophy! I love it! 😀 How did I miss that (at 3am this morning, feeling rather groggy, after an unaccustomed wine)?! Love this picspam!

    JJ’s a favourite, but (like you) since Hopman Cup, I’ve been loving Maria Jose’s old school game, and I thoroughly enjoyed this match and her win. Why did everyone stop serve-and-volleying?! I still don’t get it *sigh*. MJ. Keeping the dream alive!

  3. LJ says :

    you know what? I think i may have to give up tennis until that possible AUS vs SUI , davis cup tie

    oh and surprisingly, I don’t even care that Feddykins is losing his marbles, it gives me more sleep and I’m fine with him playing crap as long as it’s not in my timezone. Selfish, I know but FEDERZEN biatches.

  4. PJ says :

    I’ve long learned to ZEN myself when it comes to Pete Bodo the Bozo…by not reading his stuff. HAHAHAHA. But seriously, I need some of that Federfan Zen. Regardless, I still FREAK when he plays as you very well knows.

    Am happy for MJMS though. Her first Masters and I hope things get better for her!

    • dootsiez says :

      You know you’re dealing with an ATP fan when she calls Rome a “Masters”. 😛

      And must admit zen is overrated. *sigh*

  5. pban says :

    wow that was some article, I activated my ulcer by just reading it…..Roger has turned me into a masochist I seem to crave pain 😦

  6. breadstix says :

    MJMS! ❤

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