What They Wore: JJ

I thought ANTA had settled into a comfortable pattern with Jelena Jankovic: feminine, flowing designs; bright, vibrant colours. This was repeated over and over during the course of 2010, until Jaja suddenly walked out on court in Doha in a skimpy ninja-black dress that was the ultimate antithesis of the GlitterGal.

But more on that later. Here’s a look at what JJ had worn in 2010.

Australian Open


Indian Wells, Early Clay (Rome)



What ANTA does so well with JJ is that it captures her girliness, her vivacity better than her former sponsor Reebok. Between the shades of bright green, buttercup yellow and teal, no matter what she wore, JJ looked comfortable in her own skin, even if her tennis didn’t always look comfortably on court.

Roland Garros





By the US Open, however, the succession of bright block colours was starting to bore me. Another tournament, another Lady Jaja walking out clad in a single, definitive colour, strappy dress, pleated skirt, maybe some tiers to “change things up” …

But it’s that same old feeling, over and over again.

US Open Series, US Open


Perhaps ANTA realised this. Post-US Open, they started to play around a little more with this teal coloured dress with black, lace-like florals along the chest.

Beijing – Moscow



And in Doha, JJ was put in a black dress with thin spaghetti straps.

It wasn’t unattractive, it looked like something Reebok or Lacoste would make. Was it “quintessentially JJ”? No.

Her tennis matched the outfit: equally unmemorable.



So what say you? Being the new kid on the tennistic fashion block, how would you rate ANTA’s efforts in 2010? What was your favourite?

xx doots



2 responses to “What They Wore: JJ”

  1. lapinroyal says :

    Love these dresses!!!
    Wimbledon seem to bring out the best dress!

  2. Freudo says :

    JJ is an enigma fashionwise, great body, should look fantastic but the on court clothes are just so-so. Agree some nice colors, and loved the Wimby dress, but just not crazy about the Anta tops.

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